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Jun 28 2017

Fecal Bacteria Found in Starbucks Iced Drinks

Given moonbats’ affinity both for Starbucks and for all things anal or fecal (e.g., e.g., e.g., e.g., e.g., e.g.), this comes as no surprise:

The BBC’s consumer-affairs “Watchdog” program found that samples of iced drinks from Starbucks and two other UK chains — Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero — contained “varying levels of [fecal] bacteria.” …

Tony Lewis, the head of policy at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, said the levels found were “concerning.” He said the types of bacteria identified were “the source of human disease,” adding: “These should not be present at any level — never mind the significant numbers found.”

How fecal matter would get from between the ears of its pretentious and moonbatty customer base into the drinks was not explained.

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19 Responses to “Fecal Bacteria Found in Starbucks Iced Drinks”

  1. DEPLORABLE says:

    “Fecal Bacteria Found in Starbucks Iced Drinks”
    —tiny floaters ?? But the left will still SUCK-IT-UP !!!

  2. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Starbuck’s has always been a sh**hole anyway.

  3. grayjohn says:

    Never had one, never will.

  4. Bbstackr says:

    Gee, Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 refugees who never used toilet paper. Has your latte been tasting different?

  5. Jimmy Flounderello says:

    That Starbucks crap costs too much.

  6. Aggie says:


  7. Sufferfortribe says:

    Starbucks? No thanks, I make my own coffee, because I can make a month’s worth for the price of one of theirs.

  8. Allan says:

    Let me guess. Hiring “refugees” that don’t believe in washing their hands after using a bathroom, if they even use the bathroom especially if they don’t use toilet paper. Way to go Starbucks.

  9. Jester says:

    Courtesy of the imported refugee left-wing voter base.

  10. Jester says:

    Anything to keep those left-wing votes coming in.

  11. Saxon Warrior says:

    Or it could just be just bad hand-washing on the part of some of their ‘rainbow flag’ employees after a bit of anal fun.
    You know, like these guys:

  12. […]  Fecal Bacteria Found in Starbucks Iced Drinks […]

  13. TED says:

    IT’S HOW they draw ALL the LEFTISTS…!!!

  14. Joe Murray says:

    Not everything is politics folks…

    Mythbusters performed an experiment with 24 toothbrushes in and outside of a bathrooom. All toothbrushes (even ones far away from the bathroom) ended up dusted with fecal particles from the aerosolizing effect of flushing the toilet. Link to the story:

    It’s gross to think about it. But you can’t avoid it or do anything about it so don’t lose sleep over it.

  15. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Apparently some Muslim forgot to not use his left hand.

  16. Mr. Freemarket says:

    More chocolate; deeper, richer flavor.

  17. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “varying levels of [fecal] bacteria.”

    The implication is that there are varying levels of cleanliness.

  18. BostonLiberty says:

    Remember, muslims wipe with the right hand, and shake with the left hand. And forget about personal hygiene, it is non-existent in islam. Hopefully this will lead to the widespread shutdown of Starbucks stores. So the secret ingredient in sh!tty coffee is literally sh!t.

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