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May 06 2016

Federal Government Defines the Word “Menu”

So that’s what we need the bloated monstrosity in Washington for. Merriam-Webster is not up to the task of defining words:

The Food and Drug Administration issued its final guidance for an Obamacare regulation mandating calorie labeling in restaurants, which includes a 171-word definition of “menu,” and will apply to coupons and advertisements.

Insomniacs can find the final guidance here.

The government considers a menu to be the “primary writing of the covered establishment from which a customer makes an order selection, including, but not limited to, breakfast, lunch and dinner menus; dessert menus; beverage menus, children’s menus, other specialty menus (such as catering), electronic menus, and menus on the Internet.” The full definition is 171 words. Merriam-Webster has a 12-word definition for menu.

The purpose of all this gobbledygook verbiage is the same as with everything undertaken by the federal government — to decrease our freedom:

The phrase “from which a customer makes an order selection” opened the door for coupons and advertisements to be included in the mandate.

The FDA said calories must be listed on coupons if they have the restaurant’s phone number, and advertisements can be “considered a menu.” …

The rule also requires restaurants to post calories for every topping offered at pizza or ice cream chains.

Good thing for bureaurats that they don’t have to run a business under the suffocating burden of their ever-accruing regulations.

calorie count
Regulating each bite of food from Washington.

On a tip from Steve T.

12 Responses to “Federal Government Defines the Word “Menu””

  1. mouth2taco says:

    Think Trump wants these regulations on his restaurants? He’ll tell the FDA to stuff it and get back to making sure people don’t sell anti-freeze as medicine or ice cream topping. One can dream, anyway.

  2. Mr. Freemarket says:

    It reminds me of the Paperwork Reduction Act….every government paper must now include a paragraph about why the Government really needs this piece of paper….slaughtering forests in the process.

  3. Jodie says:

    Plus, the Privacy Act, which forces companies to send us a slew of paperwork showing us how they “protect” our privacy and how they determine how much of our personal information they will sell to other companies.

  4. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Not that they have the authority to do this an any case, but calorie counts on menus has already been shown not to work.

  5. Donna M says:

    This is why the Wormwood is such a moron…
    There is no way!
    …and I mean it, no way that this mandate can be regulated or enforced as it stands!
    All this to just count “calories”, huh?
    Well, iffin’ he truly wants to go down this RAT HOLE!
    Like, just how many calories are there in rat/mice droppings, cockroaches, mystery meat and other non food contaminants?

  6. Figbash says:

    >>>Insomniacs can find the final guidance here.


    There’s a 121 page report by the FDA on how to feed your kids too that I’m sure nobody has read.

    I just imagine a room full of gnome-like beings churning this shit {regulations} out and it being “filed” by any sane individual.

    Too bad we still have to pay for it.

  7. Eleanorjsteele says:

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  8. calmly_observing says:

    Huh. An Obamacare regulation. And here I thought that massive law was just supposed to get my doctor’s visit costs down. Who knew?? (pure and cynical sarcasm)

  9. depwavid says:

    Another $5 per delivery pizza, made harder since the delivery places will probably just phase out coupons to avoid this Obottomist rule…

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