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Oct 09 2019

Federal Grants to Drexel University Spent at Strip Clubs

Given the massive sums of money pouring into academia both from Big Government and from grotesquely inflated tuition, it is hardly surprising that a great deal of waste occurs. Having paid a salary to rabid communist moonbat George Ciccariello-Maher is probably the most flagrant example from Philadelphia’s Drexel University, but this is a close second:

The former head of Drexel University’s electrical engineering department blew hundreds of thousands of federal research dollars at area strip clubs, government lawyers said. …

The Justice Department announced Monday a nearly $190,000 settlement that the university agreed to pay to fend off a potential lawsuit.

The sum stems from tabs Chikaodinaka Nwankpa, 56, spent on dancers over a decade using grant money he was supposed to have applied to energy, science, and naval — not navel — research.

Forgive me for leaping to conclusions, but a guy named Chikaodinaka Nwankpa heading the electrical engineering department calls to mind the Affirmative Action mentality that prevails in academia and, possibly more importantly, Big Government. With a name like that and the complexion to match, he would hardly need to know how to plug in an appliance.

Nwankpa, who has resigned his post, boasted in his faculty bio that he brought in $10 million in research grants. Being the kind of guy bureaucrats will shovel our money at is what really counts in academia.

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