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Feb 17 2012

Federal Intrusion Into Local School Diets = Massive Waste

Big Government is mostly only good for destroying and suppressing. But there is one thing our liberal overlords know how to create — waste. At the Eustis Elementary School in Lake County, Florida,

Hungry kindergartners shuffle through, loading their foam plates with baked chicken, mashed potatoes and the produce while a lunch staffer warns them of the school district’s new policy: You don’t have to like the fruits or veggies, but you must take one.

At the lunch table, most students gnaw the chicken to the bone, but many veggies and festive applesauce cups end up untouched and destined for the garbage can.

This year, Lake County schoolchildren will throw away about $75,000 worth of uneaten fruits and vegetables, the result of a local rule intended to help them eat more healthful foods.

Nothing that extravagantly moronic could fail to go national:

Lake’s experience could offer a preview of what’s to come across Florida because of a new federal mandate that requires students to take a serving of fruit and vegetables with every lunch as a condition for the school to be reimbursed.

This insane edict is part of the intrusive

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, a federal rule that was finalized last month and goes into effect July 1. The law requires calorie and sodium caps, as well as nonfat chocolate milk. It also requires all students to take at least one-half cup of fruits or veggies, whether they like it or not.

Even though the politically correct fruits and veggies will rot away in the garbage, think of all the jobs that will be created or saved producing them. As for the cost, Comrade Obama can just ask Ben Bernanke to start printing higher denominations.

The next problem is how the federal government can force children to actually eat the food it decrees. Industrial farms are said to have machines that inject the expertly determined proper blend of nutrients directly down a chicken’s throat, after its beak has been removed. The process works like injecting the jelly into a donut. Pulling out kids’ teeth would also have the advantage of preventing children from biting themselves. Safety first, after nutrition!

Factory farms provide a model for the schools of our statist future.

Hat tip: Sad Hill News.

15 Responses to “Federal Intrusion Into Local School Diets = Massive Waste”

  1. Comrade Terry says:

    The dogs won’t eat the dog food.

  2. SNuss says:

    The answer is obvious: Puree all the food, and then have the school nurse install a feeding tube to force the government-mandated quantity of each food type down each child’s throat, based on their Body-Mass Index (BMI). Presto, no more wasted food.

  3. SNuss says:

    Oops! I missed the part about force-feeding the chickens!

  4. Beef says:

    I had my own personal fascist third grade teacher, Mrs. Campbell, who made me eat my green beans. If the federal government had a thousand Mrs. Campbells, it would all be over but the green beans.

  5. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    But those chicken beaks are packed with fiber
    I think they are preparing the next generation for the bread lines

  6. Alborn49 says:

    I see this at the elementary school I volunteer at. The principal comes over the intercom in the morning and tell the students they must take a vegetable and a fruit and a milk even if they do not eat it. Better that they throw it out on their tray than it be left for the cafeteria staff to throw out. She does not say the last but that is what she means. It is amazing all the wasted food. It reminds me of when my younger child would not eat veggies and my husband was determined to sit at the table until he ate them. Guess who won. He never ate veggies but did eat some fruits. He was the healthiest person in the family and never has had a weight problem. Nanny state will not work. It is not the food. It is the sedentary life-style.

  7. Jeff says:

    But, but think of all the new jobs (and democratic, unionized federal employees) this will create as we will need monitors/police to MAKE the school children eat what is good for them. Afterall, Mother Michelle knows what is best, and not the patents. So get THE message: Shut-up, conform and do what Big Nanny tells you to do. Barf.

  8. AC says:

    It’s very simple.

    If they don’t like the food, then they can go hungry.

    It won’t kill them to trade in the expensive soda, government nuggets, and chocolate pudding for something more reasonable.

    Don’t like it? Go hungry. It didn’t kill my generation. In fact, we got by just fine eating nutritious yet inexpensive staples.

    This generation is whiny and spoiled. They expect lunch to be fun and taste like McDonald’s. If they can’t learn the simple lesson that we eat primarily to live, not to have fun, then God help them when they enter the real world.

  9. Spider says:

    Maybe you missed the point AC. The government has no right nor authority to tell people what to eat and not eat. Of course, if we all admit, and accept, that this is now a totalitarian state, ruled by a Marxist Muslim, then i stand corrected.

  10. Graycat says:

    Foam plates? FOAM PLATES? Talk about a huge waste of money! Moonbats hate plastic bags which they deem to be “one use.” How about foam plates? Why are they not schreeching about the use of foam plates? They are a “one use” item. How many thousands of plates are tossed away each school year? What ever happened to the venerable multi-sectioned cafeteria tray? How many resusable multi-sectioned cafeteria trays could be purchased and used many times over for the same cost? Maybe they are looking at sanitation. Have they ever heard of a commerical type diswasher? That, of course requires water and electricity. Between the waste of money buying foam plates and the wasted uneaten food this asinine moonbat stupidity at its apex. The moonbats can’t possibly get any dumber!

  11. Alan says:

    The movie Super Size Me documents a guy who eats nothing but McDonalds for a month straight. He discusses the fast-food industry, and interviews a school official who claimed students’ attention improved after the school got rid of the sugar and junk from the cafeteria and vending machines. Some schools have fast food places right in the cafeteria:

    Alas, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The obvious solution is for school to offer (not REQUIRE) only fruits, milk, juices, etc. If kids want junk, fine, but they have to bring it to schools themselves. Yes, there will always be parents too lazy/careless/absent to pack a decent lunch, and some kids will always eat only the cookies and throw everything else away, or skip lunch altogether.

    Would I be too cynical to suspect this policy was enacted as a sweetheart deal with the agriculture lobby for school to consume/waste more food?

  12. Jim - PRS says:

    “The next problem is how the federal government can force children to actually eat the food it decrees.”

    If the Supreme Court rules that the health insurance mandate is a proper exercise of governmental power under the Commerce Clause, there is no logical reason why the federal government would not be able to force anyone to eat anything the government decrees.

  13. AC says:

    Maybe you missed the point AC. The government has no right nor authority to tell people what to eat and not eat. Of course, if we all admit, and accept, that this is now a totalitarian state, ruled by a Marxist Muslim, then i stand corrected.

    Not in a private home, no, but school lunches are being subsidized partly by you and I, partly by our communist creditors, and partly by Helicopter Ben’s printing press.

    People can eat whatever they want when they grow up, get a job, and buy their own food. I’m sick of moochers who expect to eat luxury comfort food on the public dime.

    The way I was brought up, edible food does not go in the trash, period. It didn’t take me long to learn to appreciate the food I was being given and not waste what was being served.

    Today, these kids are demanding what they want to eat, then throwing the school food we paid for in the trash, and years from now they’ll be on food stamps and still throwing the food we paid for in the trash.

    That, of course requires water and electricity.

    And work, which goes against the contract of the lunchladies local.

  14. Hedgehog says:

    They’ll just keep on doing this until we are all reduced to foraging for roots and berries. Or starving in the streets. Communists are pure evil incarnate.

  15. Vtx1800 says:

    I work for BOA as an underwriter.
    We are doing millions of loan modifications
    right now and they are not the Countrywide crap
    you think you believe! Remember 2009? $10k government
    rebate to buy a house? Well, 98% are Naca, Fed no money
    down loans and almost all are in trouble, and good ole FHA is bailing them out at our expense. 20, 30, 40 months late? If you made at least 4 payments, we forgive the debt and get it off our servicing books.
    This is another Obama program gone wrong.Think Trillions $$$.

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