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Oct 22 2013

Feds Punish Deaf Housing Complex for Discriminating in Favor of Deaf People

Think you are safe from getting stomped by the boot of Big Government because you have a disability? Think again:

Arizona is defying a federal order to eliminate apartments for deaf seniors at a housing complex built specifically — for the deaf. …

A 2005 federal study found that the U.S. had virtually no affordable housing for the deaf. So the federal government helped build Apache ASL Trails, a 75-unit apartment building in Tempe, Ariz., designed specifically for the deaf. Ninety-percent of the units are currently occupied by deaf and deaf-blind seniors.

What our federal overlords give, they can snatch away — on the most ludicrous whim.

But now, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development says Apache ASL Trails violates civil rights law — because it shows a preference for the hearing-impaired.

Insane? Of course it’s insane. But what can you do about it when you are 90 years old, broke, and deaf?

“A preference or priority based on a particular diagnosis or disability and excluding others with different disabilities is explicitly prohibited by HUD’s Section 504 regulations,” says a HUD memo about the project. “There is no legal authority contained in any of Apache Trails funding to permit such a priority or preference.”

Ideologically obdurate idiot tyrants of this stripe are currently consolidating total control of the healthcare system.

HUD is threatening to pull all federal housing aid to Arizona unless it limits the number of hearing-impaired residents to 18 people.

If Arizona knuckles under and limits the number of deaf people in the deaf housing complex enough to please the federal bean-counters, next they will discover that there aren’t enough lesbians of Eskimo descent living in the complex, providing another opportunity to punish one of Obama’s least favorite states.

jan brewer obama
Call off your flying monkeys or we’ll send Jan Brewer at you.

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17 Responses to “Feds Punish Deaf Housing Complex for Discriminating in Favor of Deaf People”

  1. 762x51 says:

    The libtard filth ruling Amerika will NEVER run out of victim categories to use as an excuse to punish others.

    Common sense dictates that special needs people have . . . . . . . waaait for it . . . . . SPECIAL NEEDS!

    For any public school/leftist university educated libtards reading this, that means their disability driven needs require specific solutions. Blind does not equal deaf which does not equal crippled, etc., those disabilities require different solutions specific to that ailment. HUD is but one of many federal agencies that will no longer exist once this tyranny is swept away by civil war.

    Liberals are as ridiculous as they are evil.

  2. So, fill the remainder with disabled veterans. I am sure they have plenty of diverse disabilities. And accomplish it through attrition so that none of the current residents are put out in the cold.

  3. drew458 says:

    Guess too many of the old deaf guys were white and spoke English.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    HUD is just another goverment buracracy like the EPA,EEOC,NSA,DOE,NPS etc that needs to be totaly abolished

  5. dan says:

    eh, what’s that ???!!! they said I’d go blind,not deaf…
    I’m sorry..I just can’t get past
    the lesbian Eskimos…every community needs some of those

  6. Kilroy Will Return says:

    They denied veterans in wheelchairs who saved us all from speaking Japanese, German or Russian from visiting a open air monument they paid for so no I didn’t think people with disabilities were immune from the wrath of ratgov.

  7. Musicmaven says:

    You certainly can’t make this crap up!

  8. whosebone says:

    Apache Trails?,,,,,,,,such a racist name……….

  9. Spartan24 says:

    It is so crazy with housing now. You can never say “no” flat out when someone asks if you take section 8. We have one rental and would be flat broke and in foreclosure if we tried to go through the verification and inspection process. The law about disabilities also states if a person needs an accommodation they cannot force a landlord to pay and may have to pay to restore the premisis to previous condition unless the modification is not a problem for new tenants.

  10. dan says:

    …they wouldn’t like it there ,anyway. The first thing they do is take all of your guns..knives and swords ,too. They don’t let you hang Old Glory …and the stupid sob’s wouldn’tt know the first thing about Chief Geronimo.

  11. Jimbo says:

    I hate liberals. They are petty, sick, worthless, vengeful bastards. Like communists, the only good ones are in a grave.

  12. John Knoefler says:

    Here’s an idea. Arizona calls their bluff. Then trumpets that Obama cut housing aid to poor people in Arizona to punish deaf people for being deaf and having housing and to punish Arizona for not making deaf people homeless.

  13. killmenow says:

    Has anyone seen the car keys? I need to go in the garage and let the car run for an hour or two, while I take a nap……

  14. Wizard45 says:

    Uh, Drew458, I doubt that many of the residents SPOKE English; they’re deaf ya know. It’s even worse, most of them likely use AMERICAN Sign Language. Can’ be havin’ anything American goin on the Hopey, Changey Utopia!

  15. […] » Feds Punish Deaf Housing Complex for Discriminating in Favor of Deaf People […]

  16. whotothewhat says:

    So a deaf, blind, wheel chair user who is also gay transsexual, illegal, dwarf would be fine?

    Sorry not very PC of me.

    A deaf, blind, wheel chair user who is also gay transsexual, illegal, LITTLE PERSON would be fine?

    Their better.

  17. Spurwing Plover says:


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