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Apr 17 2020

Felony Charge for Throwing Party

The authorities don’t need elected legislatures anymore, now that they have Wuhan virus hysteria. Regional tyrants can legislate on a whim through executive orders. These are imposed on the public as if they were actual laws, making a farce of our system of government.

Michigan’s Gauleiter Gretchen is the most infamous abuser of executive orders at the moment, but degeneration of the rule of law is taking place throughout the country, right down to the local level. For example, Rashaan Davis of Cincinnati has been charged with a felony for inviting people to a party.

Sarah Corriher is right to be alarmed:

As noted, excessive bail is prohibited by the Eighth Amendment. If $350,000 bail for throwing a party isn’t excessive, what would be? But as with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, acknowledging the Constitution is probably above the pay grade of local authoritarians like Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joe Deters.

Rashaan Davis appears to be an irresponsible scumbag. But if irresponsible scumbags don’t have rights, neither do we.

On a tip from Kate P.

One Response to “Felony Charge for Throwing Party”

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