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Jun 09 2024

Felony Charges for Teens Who Left Skid Marks

“To learn who rules over you,” advised Voltaire, “simply look to those you cannot criticize.” We are ruled over by depraved degenerates. Just to express lack of reverence for them is punished severely by the same liberal nomenklatura that refuses to punish violent crime.

In the unlikely event that anyone doesn’t know who has the whip hand under Democrat rule, liberals have been painting the rainbow flag signifying politicized sexual perversion on city streets, just as you might expect to see swastikas all over the place if you were transported back in time to the Third Reich. So much as leaving tire marks on a street where these flags have been painted is regarded as dissidence; it can lead to manhunts and felony charges:

On Wednesday night, just a few hours after Spokane had given its LGBTQ+++ Pride Mural a fresh coat of paint, three teens made their mark—literally. Ruslan Turko, 19, along with two other underage teenagers, left scooter marks on it. For this most heinous crime against humanity, they were arrested and charged with 1st degree “malicious mischief,” a felony that could land them up to 10 years in jail. And if that’s not punishment enough—and of course, it’s not—the prosecutors wanted $15,000 bail for these budding serial killers.

Soft tyranny is inevitably evolving into hard tyranny.

The kids are also alleged to have made defiant remarks regarding those who engage in the homosexual lifestyle that the liberal establishment has been cramming down our throats.


In America, you can spit on Vietnam veterans, defecate on the US flag, threaten the lives of US Supreme Court Justices, mock Christianity, and burn entire cities to the ground in the name of a career felon.

All that would constitute approved speech. But only approved speech is approved.

Dissent is a “hate crime.”

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