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Jun 06 2019

Felony Garden Hose Spray

All the animals on the farm are equal, but Somali colonists are a lot more equal than you, so don’t spray any of them with a garden hose or you might be charged with a felony:

A Minnesota man is accused of a bias crime for allegedly spraying a Somali American teenager and her siblings with a garden hose while he yelled racial slurs.

Eighteen-year-old Zachariah Manahan of Faribault, Minnesota, was charged Monday with felony stalking committed because of bias as well as misdemeanor charges of damaging property and disorderly conduct. …

The girl also said Manahan sprayed water through an open second-floor window of her family’s home.

Manahan says he was just spraying a fence, and not trying to spray his neighbors. Yet he currently sits in jail with criminals.

Of course, there are also the racial slurs. One of the many problems with criminalizing speech, however, is there may not be any evidence that this actually occurred. The profusion of hate hoaxes is bound to make you cynical.

If the roles were reversed, and the Somalis sprayed Manahan with a hose, accidentally or otherwise, the odds of felony charges coming into play are remote. You might call this privilege.

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