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Sep 19 2013

FEMA Mysteriously Grounded Private Drones in Colorado

The recent flooding in Colorado presented federal bureauweenies with another opportunity to boss people around. In the Age of Hope and Change, no crisis goes to waste:

A local company, Falcon UAV, makers of special drones which are built for the government, approved by the FAA, and specialize in using GPS and cameras to generate highly accurate maps, started helping to map the damage with those drones. It was basically making very useful, near real-time maps showing the floods. You’d think that would be useful to, say, FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency in charge of helping to coordinate the response to the floods. Instead, FEMA ordered the drones grounded or it would have people from Falcon UAV arrested. Once again, this isn’t just some guy with a toy quadcopter trying to take photos. These are drones designed for this sort of thing. As the company explains, this grounding made little sense, and possibly held back relief efforts.

Falcon UAV had been working in coordination with Boulder County officials, freeing up manned helicopters for rescue efforts. But the feds would have none of it, for undisclosed reasons. Given the “transparency” that characterizes the federal government now, you have to wonder what they were afraid the drones might see.

fema closed weather
The weather must be improving if FEMA is on the scene.

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12 Responses to “FEMA Mysteriously Grounded Private Drones in Colorado”

  1. Fiberal says:

    Out of context, but this is just enraging:

    Rotten the core….dimocrats—

    I think by now its well established that anyone that could vote for a dimocrat, is a traitor to the country.

    Rotten the core…

  2. Steve says:

    Video – Via the Fox Business Network. Scottie Nell Hughes joins FBN’s Stuart Varney and Charles Payne to discuss the latest updates on the IRS Scandal and Starbucks anti-gun position.

  3. gravyboat spoonrest says:

    Something they want unseen or justifying their paychecks one of the two or both.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    What are they doing with drones in Colorado? Maybe to keep check on those who recalled those two demacratic liberals gun control wanks maybe?

  5. Tax Slave says:

    The drones would show the truth about what FEMA is doing (or NOT doing) in Colorado, which would make 0’Bama’s record with FEMA disasters make Bush’s record with Katrina look GREAT by comparison.

  6. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    “Turf Wars”.

    The Libs want cops to be the only guys with guns (they spout that “only in the hands of trained professionals” BS, then you read about panicky LEO’s in some stress situation shooting at anything that casts a shadow. Gah!)

    Similarly, they only want “their own” to have the ability to spy on people-places-things. Only CREDENTIALED people get to do that sort of thing, and only THEY have the power to approve those credentials.

    – – – – – –

    To Liberals, THEY are the ones the Constitution protects. THEY are allowed freedom of action; they get the rights, perks, and privileges of citizenship.

    The rest of us count more or less as herd animals, as tokens of wealth &/or tribal standing. (“I got 50,000 head of voters in MY herd; come taxing season I figger that’ll bring in at least $30 million. Then just before next voting season we’ll let ’em keep an extra 300-400 dollars, and watch those votes roll in. Yowsa!”) Our only value to the Ruling Class is that we provide them with votes and taxes.

  7. 762x51 says:

    In just over 6 weeks, Weld County, adjacent to Boulder and 7 other northern Colorado Counties will vote to secede from the State of Colorado which by extension means the United States since the libturd run Congress will never vote to admit us as a new state. The importance and net effect of this action is to call out the forces of evil in this state and nation. The Turds cannot allow this happen as we produce 80% of the state oil and gas revenue plus another 70% of the agricultural revenue and we will no longer be dictated to by them from their Denver ivory tower. There will be a gun fight over this so those of you located elsewhere need to start figuring out how you will react to that war. The leftist media will report the government line and no truth will be heard.

    FEMA and other enemy agencies of this criminal government need to be kept under surveillance by those of you outside of this area. Drone THEM, photograph THEM, report on THEM. We will need intel on troop movements, and any asset relocation’s, i.e., DHS gun trucks, air assets, etc.

    We will take control of this area by force of arms if necessary, without question, and the fight will be on. This will likely spill out into other states.

    Are you prepared?

  8. Sam Adams says:

    762…I live immediately to your west. Utah territory was already invaded by the army once. Wouldn’t surprise us if it happened again. There is a pretty high concentration of snipe…er deer rifles along the Wasatch Front.

    As they say…We’ve got your back.

  9. Sam Adams says:

    BTW…why were the drones grounded? What were the charges that would be leveled against the makers of these drones…failure to follow an officer’s directions?

    Anyone who doesn’t understand that the government believes that we work for them needs serious attention, and possibly medication.

    “We keep you alive to serve this ship; serve well and live.”

  10. 762x51 says:

    Sam – There are a number of counties n western Colorado that would also like to secede for many of the same reasons as us in the front range. Utah should court those counties and see if they are willing to join Utah. They are mostly agricultural and some have pretty good resources that could benefit Utah. Denver sure doesn’t care about them.

    A civil war in Colorado, which is inevitable now and coming very soon, will certainly affect Utah whether the western slope is involved or not.

  11. Comrade Chairman Obama says:

    Seeing as there is clearly no depth to which the pettiness of this administration will not sink, it would not surpise me at all that this is simply nothing more than payback for recalling two state anti-gun legislators and for issuing drone hunting permits.

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