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Oct 06 2021

Females Displaced From Homecoming, Playboy

Women rank below gays and transsexuals on the cultural Marxist rating scale. Consequently, females find themselves displaced even from positions that exist specifically to showcase them.

Only in a perverted world gone insane is a homecoming queen not a girl. We live in such a world:

In a metallic gold gown, [his] dual-toned hair curled into effortless waves, Evan Bialosuknia looked every bit the undisputed queen of [his] high school homecoming.

[H]e’d been nominated to [his] Orlando school’s homecoming court, with enough votes to get [his] name on the ballot for homecoming queen.

Evan says he was worried that if he won, people might poke fun of him for making such a preposterous spectacle of himself.

Those fears faded as soon as [he] heard the uproarious applause when [his] name was called during [his] high school’s homecoming game in late September. Bialosuknia’s peers voted for [him] to be their homecoming queen, the first transgender student at Olympia High School to wear the crown.

Meanwhile, at Playboy:

Gay Filipino social media influencer Bretman Rock, 23, has taken the cover of Playboy’s 2021 digital issue. …

Rock on the cover can be seen dressed as a Playboy bunny, wearing bustier-style lingerie, towering platform-style heels, black bunny ears, a bowtie, and a cottony white tail.

You need a strong stomach to live in a world rotted through with moonbattery.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, Bluto, and Steve T.


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2 Responses to “Females Displaced From Homecoming, Playboy”

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