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Nov 01 2019

Feminist Meghan Murphy, Thought Criminal

The Palmerston branch of the Toronto Public Library was set upon by hundreds of enraged moonbats Tuesday night for allowing Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy to speak there:

Although the venue was rented to a third-party group called Radical Feminists Unite, and drew a sell-out crowd, the library has come under sustained criticism for weeks, including from the city’s mayor, for giving Ms Murphy a platform.

Librarian Vickery Bowles says that Murphy has not been charged with hate speech. She will be, if she doesn’t lay off the thoughtcrime.

“If you’re born male, you remain male for life,” said Ms Murphy, who has argued that transgender rights undermine those of women and girls by compromising their “safe spaces” such as public toilets, changing rooms and women’s refuges.

All of this is not only true but obvious, but off limits to express. That’s why attendees left the event under a hail of boos, escorted by the police.

Murphy, who runs the Feminist Current blog, was banned from Twitter last year after tweeting: “Men aren’t women”.

Clinical insanity isn’t just a fashionable option anymore. It is becoming mandatory.

Permitting speech to someone inflammatory enough to insist that men aren’t women will have consequences for the library.

A number of authors have severed ties with the institution. Pride Toronto, which organises the city’s annual gay pride festival, warned the library of “consequences to our relationship for this betrayal”.

That sounds ominous. As inevitable battles escalate between the fractions of the Coalition of the Allegedly Oppressed, smart institutions will get on the winning side by aligning with whomever ranks higher on the Cultural Marxist totem pole. Women clearly rank below transsexuals, as demonstrated by the successful subordination of women’s sports to the transsexual agenda.

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