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Nov 27 2019

Feminists Side With Foreign Rapists Against Their Victims

The progressive pecking order produces surprising sympathies. Who do you think feminists would side with in a conflict, women who are raped or the welfare colonists swamping Europe? The answer is the latter, as was recently confirmed in Paris.

Via Summit News:

A group of young women highlighting a government study which showed 52 per cent of Parisian rape suspects were foreign nationals were attacked and labeled “fascists” by feminists during a protest in Paris.

The feminazis resorted to physical intimidation to keep these women in their place.

The feminists assaulted the women, stole their signs, ripped them up and then chanted, “Feminists, not fascists” and “fascists out,” as the young women were physically intimidated and forced to leave.

Too bad this guy wasn’t at hand to help out.

This is consistent with the feminist stance regarding Third Worlders sexually assaulting European women, as we saw after Colognization began to unfold.

The incident served as a reminder of what happened in Cologne after the mass molestation and rape of around 1200 women on New Year’s Eve 2015, predominantly by men of “Arab or North African appearance,” which feminists responded to by subsequently visiting the local migrant center and handing out flowers to migrants while apologizing for “xenophobia.”

To comply with liberal ideology, women need to know their place in the hierarchy and submit to their fate. As noted earlier, if progressives thought of rape as a serious problem, they would not be so adamantly opposed to women exercising their fundamental right to bear arms.

On a tip from Frances John.

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