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Apr 22 2016

Fetus Cookies Help Moonbats at the University of North Georgia Explain Why Abortion Should Be Legal

The pro-abortion movement isn’t just wrong. It is diseased:

Abortion Cookie

Via The College Fix:

Several social media posts detail an apparent pro-abortion rally at the University of North Georgia held last week at which cookies in the shape of babies were reportedly eaten and had their heads broken off.

Pictures of the baby-shaped cookies posted online had signs underneath stating: “Abortion should remain legal because … my vagina is too pretty to let a fetus crawl out” and “Abortion should remain legal because … A women controls her own body.”

Matt Walsh reports that the pro-abortion moonbats were “breaking the heads off and laughing.” Symbolically dismembering the cookies represents solidarity with the dismemberment of actual babies as they are killed in abortions.

Walsh comments:

As much as you might want to give “pro-choicers” the benefit of the doubt, the fact remains that they are advocating for the murder of human children. That is an insidious, terrible, deeply evil thing. And they are carrying it around with them in their hearts and in their souls.

I think there are only a few things a person can do when they find themselves saddled with the guilt and shame that comes with excusing and affirming unspeakable atrocities. They can change their position, repent of their sin, and come back into the light, or they can cling to their position and try desperately to hide from the reality of their own belief system, or — and this is what happens to most “pro-choicers” who don’t take the first option — they can confront the evil in their heart and take delight in it. They can stop trying to morally rationalize that which cannot be morally rationalized and simply say, “To hell with your morals, to hell with these babies, to hell with you, to hell with human decency, this is terrible and violent and I don’t care. I like it.”

Pro-aborts are, it seems, more and more choosing that third path. And in so doing they become truly monstrous. To make a joke or game out of decapitating kids isn’t simply “inappropriate” — it’s subhuman.

If progressivism prevails, our society will continue to degenerate into something that no longer reproduces and no longer deserves to.

On a tip from RKae.

23 Responses to “Fetus Cookies Help Moonbats at the University of North Georgia Explain Why Abortion Should Be Legal”

  1. Henry says:

    No, your vagina is not pretty, nor is my penis. See, that’s why they call it “bumping uglies”.

  2. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Once more the Right is going to prevent you from going to Hell even if they have to imprison you. The Left is going to prevent you from thinking incorrect thoughts, actions or deeds, even if they have to imprison you.

    Perhaps the Left and the Right should go live their own lives, committing no sins in their eyes. Stop trying to atone for your own moral failures be screwing with everyone else and leave the rest of the world alone.

    Your applications for Sainthood are denied!

  3. Mr_Paine says:

    I am not sure if the true believers are salvageable. Maybe post birth abortions are in order here.

  4. ComradeJ says:

    Has anyone explained to those illiterates that a child in fetus stage of development is not a part of “her body”?

  5. MAS says:

    “…my vagina is too pretty to let a fetus crawl out”

    Deadly wicked is the only descriptor that fits IMO. Your vagina looks very much like liver in actual fact, it isn’t pretty and neither are you.

    “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout So is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.” Proverbs 11:22

  6. Donna M says:

    Henry made me laugh!!!
    I’ve “cathatarized” SOOO…many!!!
    Not SOOO…”pretty”, with a “Foley” connected to it!

  7. Jack says:

    Too bad the mothers whose sewer vaginas they tore out of didn’t find infanticide as funny.

  8. Donna M says:

    I guess, they wouldn’t think anything of the “FACT”, not fiction…that,
    These Li’l individuals are and have been for years now, being systematically EXPLOITED and “cannabilized” for commerse, as a natural resource material for gov, corporate interests and business.
    It is not “new” news, that they are at present, a “significantly”, relevant part and portion, of the bio component processes, in our common pharmaceutical drug, cosmetic and food supply…
    As stated, this is only the latest, irrational “chink” declaration, of the degenerate and perverse “progressive” left’s ideations…
    Like, not looking before leaping, at the hard ground below…
    Before running and jumping head first, with a 100lb backpack off a cliff…
    In this case, I don’t even think, the best parachute or safety net in the world, would help!

  9. Saxon Warrior says:

    If you keep peeling away the onion skins of the outer face of evil, sooner enough you discover the true face of it. Despite their claims of abortion being a woman’s right because rape, because poverty, because medical reasons – it becomes clear that it’s all about selfishness, murder and a Leftist political agenda.
    Comments such as ‘my vagina is too pretty to let a fetus crawl out’ really let the cat out of the bag.
    The fact that she is still referring to it as a fetus even when it is being born, and the fact that she refers to it as crawling (as if it is some sort of slimy sea monster) shows how these people really think.
    Babies don’t crawl out of vaginas, nor are vaginas pretty when they are only being used as shared sex toys with no other purpose.
    Hopefully these people will un-breed themselves out of existence.

  10. depwavid says:

    Did anybody realize that eating a cookie in the shape of something is a form of sympathetic magic? They’re practicing the Molochian sacrament of infanticide!

  11. Alphamail says:

    If they were PC PP Progs they would break up the cookies and sell each bite.

  12. Steven Yarnell says:

    The one thing I would say to the person at the pro-abortion stand would be this: “This would be YOU had your mother thought the same! *pointing at fetus cookie* Apparently, she didn’t; and, here you sit. Gratefulness is such a rare virtue!”

  13. Donna M says:

    TOUCHE’!!!, Alpha!!!
    Better yet…
    They’d “bite” each other!
    The ravenous cannibals!

  14. Donna M says:

    Yes, some us did know!
    …and yes, some of us are beyond OUTRAGED!!!!
    It was supposed to mock the “HOLY EUCHARIST!”

  15. mouth2taco says:

    I’d like to find the most horrific abortion video, get a projector, visit random college classrooms, and project it on the wall and make them watch it.

  16. RKae says:

    Exactly. As Reagan said: “I notice that all the people in favor of abortion have already been born.”

  17. RKae says:

    How can you explain that to people who think the wallet in your back pocket is actually theirs?

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  19. Henry says:

    You’re vagina is ugly!

  20. depwavid says:

    It’s more ancient than that; it represents ‘passing through the fire,’ or child sacrifice by burning alive. Moloch was the patron god(demon) of Carthage. That civilization was so evil that the pagan Romans, abhorred by child sacrifice, wiped it out in a long, bloody war. Moloch is the demon animating the pro-abortion movement today.

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