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Nov 30 2020

Finals Canceled, Winners Declared in West Virginia

Among the positive aspects of ChiCom virus hysteria, it has taught us that there is no need to waste time with championship games. We can just have a commission declare the winners:

The governing body for high school sports in West Virginia has canceled the state football championship games due to the coronavirus pandemic and instead declared winners in each class.

The Secondary School Activities Commission made the announcement Saturday night after the state Department of Education released its color-coded county map that determines whether athletic competitions can be played. …

“We congratulate the winners,” [SSAC executive director Bernie] Dolan said. “It has been an emotional journey for everyone involved. We wish there could have been championship games but the map did not allow the games to be played.”

Think how much the NFL could save on inflated salaries, and how many revolting displays of anti-American theatrics fans could be spared, if pro football adopted the same policy, starting with the first game of the season.

The only problem is the obvious injustice of naming one team the champion and not another. For the sake of equity, all teams should be named the champion.

On a tip from Sad Hill.


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