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Aug 29 2016

Finding Humor in Islamic Terror

It isn’t easy to find humor in the never-ending nightmare of Islam’s terror war against civilization. But you can do it with help from the media:

An ISIS suicide bomber [Sunday] attacked a Catholic priest with an axe as he tried to blow up hundreds of worshippers at a church during Sunday Mass.

Priest Albert Pandiangan, 60, was holding the holy ceremony at the altar when the 18-year-old fanatic rushed towards him with a backpack bomb and tried to blow himself up.

But the bomb burned without setting off the explosives, so the jihadi pulled an axe from his bag and slashed the priest’s arm at St Yoseph Church in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra in Indonesia.

Fortunately, the congregation was able to detain Ivan Armadi Hasugian until police arrived. The maniac was found to possess “a hand-drawn picture of the ISIS flag,” and said he was not working alone.

A picture of the attacker’s ID card circulating online said he was Muslim.

In recent years there have been a number of attacks on religious minorities and others in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country.

Not so funny so far, although at least the priest was not seriously injured. But then comes the punchline at the very end of the story:

Police are still investigating the man’s motive.

No need to investigate. Any moonbat could tell them that Hasugian’s attempt at terror was a desperate response forced upon him by income inequality and neocolonial oppression.

More laughs: Presenting Ivan Armadi Hasugian, glorious Soldier of Allah.

On a tip from Torcer. Hat tip: Jihad Watch.

16 Responses to “Finding Humor in Islamic Terror”

  1. Cruz Control says:

    Notice that Occam’s Butt Crack, Torque Wrench and .308 Rochester only post at certain times of day…the times that coincide exactly with Internet access times at maximum security prisons?

  2. Torcer says:

    That brings to mind this parody:

    Kurdish TV Parody of ISIS via @sharethis

  3. Jack Bauer says:

    “…..Fortunately, the congregation was able to detain Ivan Armadi Hasugian until police arrived…..”

    Looks like the little puke was “detained” REAL good…

  4. Grumpy Cat says:

    It’s Internet access time at Attica.

  5. 762x51_Sec8 says:

    We start killing you dirty Progressive motherfuckers.

  6. Cruz Control says:

    Please, refrain from the selfies. And I realize it’s Internet Acess time at Florence ADX and they’ll never allow you to watch kiddie porn again. Just don’t vent on all of us here.

  7. Rotohammer says:

    Oops. Darned if he didn’t slip and bump his teeth on somebody’s knuckles. Oh well, they left him in better condition than he had originally planned. If this were in the US, the Justice Department would not let this good deed go unpunished.

  8. Katya Kakhov says:

    It’s a regular laugh a minute over there . Remeber when it was a laugh every few years ?

  9. Jester says:

    The next one will say: “Protected left-wing voter killed in unfortunate accident”

  10. Jester says:

    a desperate response forced upon him by income inequality and neocolonial oppression

    And don’t forget RACISM RACISM RACISM RACISM…. and oh yeah, did I mention RRAACCIISSMM???

  11. Robert Crouch says:

    They laid hands on him and blessed him… real good! πŸ˜‰

  12. Torcer says:

    Grumpy Cat
    It’s Internet access time at Attica.

    Really, What are you in for?

  13. Grumpy Cat says:

    Really, What are you in for?

    I should have known. That’s always the first question an inmate asks when he sees someone new. Say hi to Ted Kaczynski!

  14. Torcer says:

    What are you talking about – you were the one who brought up the subject.

    Question: Do you ever feel any guilt over your use of falsehoods?

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