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Feb 22 2014

Finished With Chris Christie, Media Turns to Scott Walker

Imagine watching the man marching in front of you taken out by snipers. Scott Walker must know the feeling, having seen what the media did to Chris Christie. …

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Scott Walker
In the crosshairs.

11 Responses to “Finished With Chris Christie, Media Turns to Scott Walker”

  1. dan says:

    I participated in a phone poll the other day
    (I know I shouldn’t have…) and was amused at the collge polster’s distress that I supported and approved of Walker ( the cracking voice and irregular breathing were a clue that she was close to tears) but didn’t want him sent to the district of Criminal to be ruined like
    Tommy Thompson…and that he still had fights her3e in Wisconsin to win.

  2. Son of Taz says:

    Dave, I have to respectfully disagree with your analogy of the man marching in front of Scott Walker. Christie is a blow hard RINO. He tried to make nice with the enemy and got what was coming to him.

    On the other hand, Walker balanced the state budget, no one lost their job and he even survived a recall election, garnering more votes than his initial election. He didn’t lie down with the snakes; he caged them and tamed them.

    There are several great conservatives who could run in 2016. Scott Walker would be one of my top three choices should he choose to run.

  3. Dave Blount says:

    Agreed, Christie is not in a league with Walker.

  4. rightFlank says:

    Actually, I think Christie had more to do with bringing down Christie than a media conspiracy — with all due respect. His blowhard approach really turned into blowback. Walker is really a different kind of animal — and I think he’ll just tell the media to bring it….

  5. MissAnthropy says:

    Indeed, Scott Walker is one of the real ones. Doesn’t seek out cameras, doesn’t cultivate a personality cult, he just quietly went about exactly what he campaigned on doing. All the media attention he received during the Left’s bused-in rental mobs in Madison, and the subsequent recall effort, was attention forced on him.

    Suck it liberals. He was elected in a blue state, then the voters rejected the supreme court candidate who was assumed to be hostile to Walker, then they gave him an even bigger vote of confidence during the recall election the bellyaching Leftists insisted on having. Now your state has a billion dollar surplus and local school systems can actually get their budgets under control thanks to his reform efforts.

    Go ahead liberals, put your sights on Walker.

  6. Doom says:

    Hey, I like some of Walker did. But I liked some of what Christie did. If the media can eat these RINOs ahead of them cluttering the field, all good by me. Walker has too many problems, in my eyes, to be a legit conservative president. They all have problems, he and Christie have too many.

    Loose the dogs and keep the RINOs where they are, or even push some of them *cough* McCain *cough* out. All good by me. If they think they are hurting conservatives they are wrong. Finally, a break!

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  8. DJ says:

    The battle between good and evil is being fought in the arena of the very impressionable low information voters’ minds. Unfortunately for the good side, the evil side has the MSM wielding 90% of the propaganda weaponry on their behalf.

    Any Republican, no matter how good they are, will be severely discredited by the MSM before they even get out of the gates. Romney’s 2012 campaign provides an excellent case study of such. The main opponent. or obstacle to overcome in the last presidential election was not Obama per se, it was the MSM.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    That’s my governor! It’s been a pleasure voting for him like 5 times in the last two years. I hope I get to vote for him for President someday.

  10. SNuss says:

    Don’t make the mistake of letting the Lamestream media choose the Republican candidate. Their obvious objective is to eliminate the strongest candidates, by hook or by crook, to reduce the field to nothing more than weak RINOs.

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