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Nov 19 2019

Fire Hazard From Solar Panels

Solar panels are not necessarily the environment’s friend. They can offend the planet by burning your house down. This allows carbon emissions to escape into the air, thereby causing the climate to fluctuate catastrophically according to prevailing leftist ideology.

Via Boston 25:

25 Investigates found there have been at least 15 residential fires in Massachusetts linked to rooftop solar installations between 2017 and 2019…

It isn’t just Massachusetts. Walmart has reached a settlement with Tesla after accusing its solar panels of starting fires at seven stores. Tesla also has a problem with its allegedly ecofriendly cars bursting into flames.

As noted earlier, when solar panels set fire to a town hall run by the Green Party in England,

Fires in buildings with solar panels are extremely dangerous for firefighters, because direct current is more hazardous than alternating current, and because the materials involved create toxic smoke when burned.

Burning trees to make room for solar farms also causes environmental problems.

In addition, like wind turbines, solar panels present a significant waste disposal problem.

But then, with all things environmental, it isn’t the actual effect that matters so much as the virtuous intentions that are displayed.

On a tip from Eddie_Valiant.

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