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May 08 2019

Fired for Noticing Race and Gender of Failed Baltimore Mayors

One reason that we don’t have honest journalism is that many go into the field to impose a leftist political agenda. Another reason is that honesty is not allowed when it challenges the liberal narrative or is deemed insufficiently reverent toward protected groups. For example, when WJZ anchor Mary Bubala observed that Baltimore has had three disastrous black female mayors in a row, she was promptly fired.

Her thought crime, as reported by the Baltimore Sun:

The criticism of Bubala that started last week in the wake of the WJZ anchor asking Loyola University Maryland Professor Karsonya “Kaye” Wise Whitehead an on-air question about the race and gender of the past three Baltimore mayors has continued to build.

“We’ve had three female, African-American mayors in a row,” Bubala said in setting up her question. “They were all passionate public servants. Two resigned, though. Is this a signal that a different kind of leadership is needed to move Baltimore City forward?”

That’s all it takes to commit career suicide. Bubala was denounced as “racist and sexist.” Good luck to her; she will need it to get another job in the media.

As Steve Sailer notes, the actual firing offense was committing “lèse-majesté by asking an impudent question of somebody who not only has more intersectional PoCemon Points, but is also a Professor of Angry Blackness in the Department of Communications.”

As it swirls down the drain, Baltimore will continue to elect corrupt and incompetent mayors on the basis of being women of color. Anyone who doesn’t like it will keep their mouths shut if they know what’s good for them.

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