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Aug 29 2018

Pushed Out of Human Rights Campaign for Uttering the N-Word

No one except those of politically preferred pigmentation is safe from allegations of having uttered the forbidden n-word. The punishment is ruin:

The head of the Human Rights Campaign’s educational arm has resigned after a colleague claimed she has used the N-word twice in front of a colleague.

In an internal email sent out to HRC staffers on Thursday, HRC President Chad Griffin says Mary Beth Maxwell, the senior vice president for programs, training and research for the HRC Foundation, used the racial slur once when recounting “an upsetting personal story” and a second time when repeating “the word in describing an external situation that [she] found horrifying, in which racial and homophobic slurs were used,” reports Politico.

There need be no malice of intent. Merely to speak the forbidden n-word, in any context, even to accuse someone else of using the word, is high blasphemy against our official state religion, Cultural Marxism. Just ask Papa John.

After Maxwell was alleged to have uttered the word, a full investigation was launched, as though she had committed some literal crime. Then came the punishment:

Upon receiving preliminary findings on Monday night, Griffin said he suspended Maxwell without pay. On Wednesday, after receiving the full findings, he accepted her resignation.

Maxwell’s obsequious apologies were of no avail.

I used to think that totalitarianism wouldn’t work in this country, because Americans wouldn’t put up with it. No one thinks that now.

Just as you would expect under absolute tyranny, Maxwell praised her executioners:

“While in each instance I was conveying something that really happened — in the first I was emotional and scared that it had been said and in the second feeling urgency about addressing a deeply racist and homophobic encounter that a colleague recounted — I should never have said that word out loud. … I fully respect and support HRC taking action to make clear that our commitment to a fair and just workplace is unwavering and that each of us must be held accountable for that.”

It isn’t easy to feel sorry for Maxwell. She would have to be an militant moonbat to endure a single minute at the HRC, a sexual deviancy advocacy outfit that exists to impose political correctness. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

The problem is, our whole culture is dying by the sword of ideological totalitarianism. By bending the knee to the shabby and absurd gods of Cultural Marxism, we have abjured possibly our greatest birthright, freedom of speech. Once that freedom has been abandoned, all others will follow.

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