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Jul 03 2020

Fireworks Become Ominous

In normal times, fireworks are a healthy part of celebrating the birth of the USA. These aren’t normal times, so be careful out there.

From Baltimore:

While the run-up to Independence Day usually sparks some amateur fireworks displays in Baltimore, longtime city residents say this year’s showings feel different in presentation, tone and timing.

Residents of other cities including New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have noticed the same thing. Suddenly fireworks are more popular than ever, just as leftists have pulled patriotism down to an all-time low.

In Boston, black supremacist “protesters” have been setting off fireworks all night, every night.

Fireworks are no fun if you get caught with pale skin in a diverse neighborhood:

Don’t expect the police to do anything about it. They have been largely disabled by local liberal officials. The streets belong to the savages for now.

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