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Apr 21 2019

Flyers Join Yankees in Banishing Kate Smith

It isn’t just the New York Yankees. The Philadelphia Flyers agree that WWII era singer Kate Smith — best remembered for singing “God Bless America” — is now a racist and therefore must be erased:

[Last] week the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers each announced they will no longer play the late singer’s classic version of “God Bless America” at their baseball and hockey games. The Flyers, who won their first Stanley Cup in 1974 after Smith sang the song for them in person, have now even covered up a statue of the beloved American performer outside their arena.

It has been discovered that “early in her career she sang songs that included racial stereotypes.” This is a now a capital offense.

The Founding Fathers had good reason to explicitly forbid ex post facto law in the Constitution. It is unjust to punish people for acts that were legal when performed. The same principle applies to judging people of the past by standards that did not exist and could not even have been imagined while they were alive. But totalitarianism has nothing to do with justice.

If the combination of leftist malice and establishmentarian cowardice can do this the Kate Smith, no one is safe. One at a time, they will pick off everyone who populates the past until we have no heritage at all.

Have a look at the statue of Kate Smith now wrapped in a burka outside Wells Fargo Center where the Flyers play. It sums up in a single image what America will look like when liberty has been completely extinguished by political correctness:

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