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Aug 31 2018

Following Closely in His Footsteps, Cyril Ramaphosa Quotes Robert Mugabe

I know that history repeats itself when people fail to learn from it, but does it have to follow the same script word for word? In response to Trump expressing concern for the plight of the whites who built South Africa, ANC thug Cyril Ramaphosa quotes Robert Mugabe:

“I don’t know what Donald Trump has to do with South African land because he’s never been here. And he must keep his America, we will keep our South Africa,” Ramaphosa said to cheers at a conference.

He was echoing Mugabe, who frequently clashed with former colonial ruler Britain over his own land redistribution policy and famously told then-prime minister Tony Blair during a summit in 2002 to “keep your England, and let me keep my Zimbabwe.”

We all know what happened in Zimbabwe. The Breadbasket of Africa was reduced to a starving basket case after Mugabe confiscated white land and drove the white farmers out. The same is now happening in South Africa, step for step, word for word.

Britain betrayed Rhodesians. Theresa May is doing the same to white South Africans.

May has made it clear that when confiscating white property without compensation and very likely killing off the whites who don’t escape the country they built causes the economy to collapse, British taxpayers will step in to prop up the dying country.

Good thing American taxpayers won’t also have to pony up. After all, the savages looting to death what’s left of South Africa said they don’t need us.

Just kidding. South Africa is the liberal establishment’s showcase nation, founded on political correctness, a First World nation constructed out of wilderness by evil whites, then handed over to sacred blacks in the name of social justice. Nelson Mandela may be the most revered saint in the entire liberal pantheon. No one cared what happened to Rhodesia, but the Land of Saint Nelson cannot be allowed to fall into total ruin.

South Africa will continue to enjoy preferential trade status with the USA, no matter how many whites it robs and murders. When the economy falls, it will be kept on life support with handouts expropriated from not only British but American taxpayers.

Meanwhile, the irresponsible left-wing media that is largely responsible for creating this intolerable situation with its jihad against Apartheid will tell us, Nothing to see here, it’s all a conspiracy theory.

Since the establishment media cannot be trusted on the topic of South Africa, we are left with the testimony of those who live there:

Western Civilization will either cure itself of political correctness or perish from it. South Africa makes this clear.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Mike Ross.

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