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Feb 27 2019

Food Insecurity as Justification to Invade and Enslave

Democrats have made it obvious over the past few months that they would prefer even to shut down their beloved federal bureaucracy rather than begin to secure the largely undefended border. Surely, they don’t want to invite the entire Third World with its teaming billions to pour into the USA to partake of our generous welfare state. That would be insane, because it would lead to the collapse of the economy. And yet a piece in The Hill weeps that mass invasion is justified by “food insecurity”:

In debates about whether to give asylum to the thousands of migrants at the southern border of the U.S. [and the billions more behind them], one crucial issue has been blatantly overlooked: food insecurity. …

Food insecurity is a form of violence which stems from an uneven distribution of resources both across and within societies.

We are asked to believe that the hordes of welfare colonists shamelessly brandishing small children as weapons don’t tell the eager media how much food insecurity they suffer due to “the power of shame in silencing certain narratives.”

Because this is about Cultural Marxism, food insecurity is worse for women than it is for men.

Arguing that the right to feed is a woman’s right, anthropologist Penny Van Esterik asserts that denying this right is tantamount to torture.

Cringe with guilt. If you would not invite the entire Third World to pour over the border in contravention of American law so as to enslave American taxpayers via the welfare state, you are a torturer.

After healthcare comes housing; then food paid for by someone else will become a human right. That’s when mass starvation begins.

Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.

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