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Aug 31 2016

Food Stamp Fraud Jihad

Police have made 14 arrests while cracking down on food stamp fraud in the Baltimore area. Refugee Resettlement Watch invites us to look for a pattern among those arrested:

Walayat Khan, 36, of Reisterstown
Barbara Ann Duke, 50, of Owings Mills
Shaheen Tasewar Hussain, 60, of Ellicott City
Kelym Novas Perez, 34, of Baltimore
Jose Remedio Gonzalez Reyes, 50, of Baltimore
Mulazam Hussain, 54, of Windsor Mill
Mahmood Hussain Shah, 57, of Catonsville
Muhammad Rafiq, 58, of Reisterstown
Mohammad Shafiq, 50, of Gwynn Oak, Maryland; and his daughter,
Alia Shaheen, 24, of Baltimore
Mohammad Irfan, 59, of Nottingham
Muhammad Sarmad, 40, of Nottingham
Rizwan Pervez, 38, of Essex
Kassem Mohammad Hafeed, a/k/a Kassam Mohammad Hafeed, 51, of Baltimore

Barbara Ann Duke, what a strange name. Sounds American.

The federal government will be horrified to learn that it has not been passing out our money fast enough to satiate the Islamic colonists it imports against our will, forcing those engaged in hijrah who own stores to game the system by allowing their customers to exchange EBT benefits for cash, splitting the free money provided by taxpayers.

How much of this money stays in the country is anyone’s guess. The Islamic State’s terror war could always use more funding.

Considering that Obama recently declared that he wants to “ramp up” the massive importation of colonists through the ISIS-infested terrorist incubator Syria, the feds ought to open the welfare purse a little wider. We wouldn’t want jihadists like free-lunch–fattened Adnan Fazeli to be distracted by some tedious job when it would be more self-fulfilling for them to spend their time serving the Islamic State.

On tips from R F and Torcer.

8 Responses to “Food Stamp Fraud Jihad”

  1. MicahStone says:

    “Barbara Ann Duke, what a strange name. Sounds American.”
    —yep – she’d David Duke’s sister !!!!

  2. Jack says:

    Line them all up against a wall and kill them. Even the mud shark.

  3. Grumpy Cat says:

    “On a tip from TorqueWrenchForaBrain” How could that possibly be? The article is not even remotely anti-Trump.

  4. Grumpy Cat says:

    Where’s the Trump reference? Waiting.

  5. KHarn says:

    I’m sorry you’re disappointed.

  6. Vic Kelley says:

    Palestinian and Arab store owners have done this fraud for years. They do coupon fraud and other crimes, too. Their gas station pumps cheat customers, too. Happens in Michigan, New York, New Jersey and elsewhere. It’s like organized crime except without Italian names.

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