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Feb 22 2013

Food Stamp Gravy Train Rolls Through Texas

Increasing the number of Americans on food stamps has been a major objective of liberals, as Michael Bloomberg and the New York Times openly admit. Obama has been highly successful in this regard, increasing ridership on the SNAP gravy train by 50% from 32 million in 2009 to 48 million in November 2012. This is how bad the situation is getting even in Texas:

A gas station clerk, who wants to conceal his identity over fears about losing his job, is fed up.

“Bob” as we’re calling him rings up a customer paying with a Lone Star card.

“There are times I see customers come in and they’ve got thousands,” Bob said.

The numbers he said, just don’t add up.

The balance was more than $7,000 in tax payer funds.

“You would think that it would red flag in the system,” Bob said.

When he reported the abuse, officials blew him off. As noted earlier, the government actively encourages fraud. It makes no difference to our rulers whether you “need” other people’s money or just want it.

According to Bob, on an average day he sees about 10 different people all with over $2,000 in food stamps, who report to the government they cannot make ends meet.

“But they’re driving Mercedes,” Bob said.

People like free money. That’s why they vote Democrat. Everyone knows the looting spree can’t last, but that’s fine with those in charge. When the inevitable collapse hits, the population will be so conditioned to depend on government that inflicting straightforward Stalinism will be child’s play.

This is why we need to raise taxes.

On tips from Bill T.

23 Responses to “Food Stamp Gravy Train Rolls Through Texas”

  1. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    This is the way it was explained to me.
    The problem is there is no coherent system of checks for fraud.
    At least here anyway.
    Then when they are caught, often times a court will simply extract restitution from programs they DO qualify for (unless this loophole was fixed)
    A case worker can ask for proof of employment income, support payments, and even income from a trust ect.
    If the “client” says no income, the case worker can either run the paper work through, or if they are more astute, can rely on their instincts and inquire about the source of funding for payments on that red Jag in the parking lot, and Park Place residence (autos and homes are exempt)
    Sometimes they claim a “generous” boyfriend(the father of the kids is always in jail) or mom they are not living with, only to find out later mom/and or the boyfriend BOTH live with them, collecting from the same system themselves.
    Now, since most “clients” are not new, with even some being seasonal travelers from less- to- more generous states and have been on the system since their 18th birthday, the better case worker may get them to suggest that source of hidden income in which the case is then passed on to the fraud department where years of deceit can finally be uncovered.
    Otherwise, with homes and cars being exempt, income guidelines being raised, qualification for one program opening the door to another, and then another,
    is how Democrat politicians hose taxpayers down to create dependency on the state.

  2. Comrade Kulak says:

    7000$? A buddy who served in the first Iraq war gets 10$ a month which he uses to get some vitamin or bottled waters. He actually did something for his country and is not a vibrant diversity so ten bucks it is comrades.

  3. Flu-Bird says:

    Reducing america to a third world nation just like evil communists want

  4. Dr. 9 says:

    Brooklyn, NY is home to the nations largest population of Russian immigrants. So large in fact, that they are expanding outwards into the rest of NYC and buying every business and home in sight.

    So what’s the big deal? Standing on line in one of Brooklyn’s largest supermarkets, it is now a very common sight to see Russians going up to the checkout with two or three baskets filled with the stores best items. They stand there in full-length fur or high-quality leather coats, holding out their food stamp cards. Their shopping carts are then wheeled out to a waiting (and brand new) Benz or BMW, and i don’t mean the small models either. And of course, they’re laughing all the way. Can you guess who they’re laughing at?

    They are also responsible for a “major” part of insurance fraud, “especially” Medicare and Medicaid fraud, as they control most of the city’s medical facilities. What else do these immigrants, some in the country less than a year, get?

    Food stamps
    Rent subsidies
    Social security
    SS disability
    Priority housing
    and much more…

    Don’t think the parasites are only coming from the southern border. The whole world knows America is a country that is VERY easy to take advantage of.

  5. dries says:

    I worked with such ex-Soviets. A Jaguar or Mercedes parked on their driveway, some exotic animal pelt on their back, annual summer trips to Italy, winter boat excursions to Dominican Republic or Bahama, all while collecting some sort of subsidies. Even if they themselves weren’t eligible, they made sure their elderly parents were hooked up with our welfare system. One of them was exceedingly proud of her physician son, who wrote a book about methods of Medicare billing. Seriously.

    My blood was boiling frequently.

  6. Justme says:

    Gee Dr. 9, you haven’t even scratched the surface. They own Chucky Schumer, hence they are well represented and get preferential bennies.

    And this has been ongoing since 1991 and only has gotten more extreme. You are missing another biggie that they love- COUNTERFEITING. Every business that deals with Russians has their cashiers checking every bill, even the $20s. As they are protected, no need to ever worry about their pals on the NYPD bothering them those boys have better things to do like set up innocent men and write tickets for invented infractions.

    Time Magazine has just run a front page story on how medical bills are killing us, the sheer amount of fraud is unbelievable – this is the bread and butter of the Russians. They build $5 Million mansions for their kids with the proceeds, they are positively orgasmic over Obamacare – no oversight and the unlimited pockets of the Federal Government writing their checks.

    We die so that they can build heliports on their mansion roofs. Drug traffickers by contrast are far less destructive. Traffickers supply a need, Medical Scammers steal every cent from the sick and dying.

  7. Justme says:

    Dries, only the poor russians have jaguars and mercedes now- ROLLS ROYCE, MASERATI, BENTLEY, FERRARI, LAMBORGHINI – there was one russian an “honest businessman of course who at 23 had three $250,000 Lamborghinis in case one got dirty he needed the other as spares. No IRS comes here, Chucky Schumer makes sure of that, if you do here of any arrests it is because they were so brazen and could not be protected for their own stupidity.

  8. Dr. 9 says:

    You’re right Justme, but i didn’t want to take up too much space with the rest of it. And yes, they own Chuckie (lens-lice) Schumer. They have also all-but pushed out the Italian Mafia here and replaced it with their own much bigger and far more dangerous org.

    Actually, they started arriving here back in the mid 70’s, sponsored by the Bani-Brith Jewish organization, which still makes sure they get everything and anything they want.

  9. A. Levy says:

    Justme, they’re not so much into the counterfeit money as they are into the counterfeit cigarette business on a massive scale. Passing phony money, especially in places like NYC, is not nearly as easy as it used to be.

    One wonders sometimes if we, as a nation with open arms to all, is perceived around the world as being a nation that is simply bent over and waiting.

  10. Mable says:

    M M M …so it’s all the JEWS fault, right? what about latrina and kwshawna who have 19 babies and 19 baby daddies and extort from the system? I guess it’s just the JUICE.

  11. Bill T says:

    Gravy Train Rolls Through Texas and continues on to the north.
    ‘Their first stop is the welfare office’

  12. KHarn says:


    The system will collapse and after a year or two, the commies will force their way into power OPENLY and give a small loaf of bread to a special few who will declare “Oh look how WONDERFULL communism is! Long live the revolution!”

    It’s happened before and it’ll happen again.

  13. KHarn says:


  14. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    A Levy
    Anybody in the counterfeit cigarette business in NY would most certainly thank the liberal powers that be for those massive tobacco taxes.

  15. Jay B. says:

    Like welfare leeches and unions, all I can picture is a tired sow with piglets growling and sucking hard for every drops, ready to fall on each other as soon as it runs dry.

  16. Jay B. says:

    Please note in Greece, the immigrants are already openly called “cockroaches” in public. The charade of civility will fall down the second payments stop coming. You’ll see liberals denouncing illegals suddenly and interest groups calling each others out.

  17. Clingtomyguns says:

    “When the inevitable collapse hits, the population will be so conditioned to depend on government that inflicting straightforward Stalinism will be child’s play.”

    Except they haven’t quite figured out what to do with the 90 million + of us that are heavily armed and not going down without taking out massive casualties on the other side. At worst, for those that survive, it will be like living among zombies on those cable channels, or Heston in the Omega Man, until the Second Coming.

  18. Dien Cai Dau says:

    Whoa,whoa,whoa….I have never used the welfare system so I am a little confused here…You can use FOOD STAMPS to buy GASOLINE????

    WTF over.

  19. […] of your tax dollars at work.  The Democrats have increased “food stamp” (i.e., cash) recipients by over 50% in a successful vote-buying scheme.  Please remember that […]

  20. Vic Kelley says:

    @Dien Cai Dau: re using food stamps to buy gasoline

    I’ve worked retail in Florida; here some people that get food stamps also get “TANF” cash assistance. It’s all on the same electronic benefits card. So yes, some people can use their food stamps card to buy gasoline, cigarettes, beer whatever with the cash benefits portion of it. I’ve heard of people in other states using their card to get money out of ATMs in strip joints, casinos, etc.

    As for the story in this thread I am amazed at the over $7,000 balance on a card. Most I’ve ever seen is $600. I wish I could find a store within an hour of my house that does not accept food stamps. I’d like to be able to “boycott” stores that do accept it and am willing to waste some time and gasoline doing it. Just can’t find any.

  21. Morrigan says:

    Don’t let this fool you people. This is not accurate. They do not show the yearly amount on a receipt. If someone has 2 people in the family they will receive around $320 a month for food stamps. I realize there are a lot of shady people out there sucking on the system. This includes our gov*t allowing non-citizens access to this system.

    The system was put in place to give a CITIZEN a helping and up until they could get back on their feet. Half of the population is out of work due to our economy. Half of those people have had to turn to the system to help feed the family. These figures might be from when the “welfare” system was in place. Or just a lie all together. When Clinton become president he changed the system and called it “TANIF”. People no longer get large amounts of money or food stamps. How many of you spend under $320 a month on groceries for a 3-3 person household?? That’s the going rate in some states for a two people household per month.

    NOW let’s talk about raising taxes. How about we stop sending 10 billion in military aid to other countries. Why do we allow our president trips to Hawaii that cost the tax payer $4 million dollars? The president is not a god or royalty. We would rather sit here and talk crap about people who may or may not be out of work. Yes there are bad people who take advantage the system which is appalling. Now what about this administration taking advantage of us, walking over our freedoms, and spending money we don’t have. WHY is that ok people?

  22. Katya Kakhov says:

    They take EBT at Autozone now . Si acceptemos trajeta lone star !

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