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Jan 16 2013

For the Children

Get a bucket ready. When the Community Organizer in Chief announces today how he will use executive orders to circumvent Congress and gut the Second Amendment, he will be surrounded by children used as props. Like his slogan “Forward,” the tactic of dressing up tyranny to look like a daycare center was lifted straight from his fellow oligarchical collectivists Hitler and Stalin:


Not even most Obama voters are dumb enough to think that disarming the law-abiding will make children or anyone else other than criminals any safer. What decent person would take the gun out of the hands of Melinda Herman?

Yet we have to endure the nauseating charade of our rulers pretending they are only snuffing out the liberty that defines us as Americans for our own good — and of course for the good of the children, who can look forward to a lifetime of debt thanks to those same rulers.

On tips from Henry B and Chris W.

20 Responses to “For the Children”

  1. JNN says:

    If there are in Chicago, a portion of those children might be victims but hey, Preezy got his photo op.

  2. Laurie says:

    OK, fine. We recognize the problem.

    So what are we going to do about it??

  3. Sam Adams says:

    “Not even most Obama voters are dumb enough to think that disarming the law-abiding will make children or anyone else other than criminals any safer.”

    I think you are overestimating the intelligence and reasoning abilities of many democrats. They are convinced that:
    1. Gun violence is worse than any other form of violence.
    2. If we magically removed all guns from society (followed by all knives, followed by all bricks and rocks), then violence would end.
    3. Removing half the guns from society will remove half the violence; removing 3/4 of the guns will remove 3/4 of the violence. It’s math, you see.
    4. Democrat voters make no distinction between good people owning guns and bad people owning guns. Guns are bad, and therefore anyone who owns a gun is bad.
    5. Government owning all guns is good because government only wants what is good. Hitler was the exception because he was politically right wing. Government owning all guns is good so long as right wingers aren’t in control of government. Since democrats will always be in control of government, we never have to fear government.
    6. No left wing governments have ever harmed their people. Stalin didn’t murder tens of millions of his fellow Soviets. Mao didn’t murder tens of millions of his fellow Chinese. Castro and Che didn’t murder anyone that didn’t need murdering.
    7. If it isn’t in the NY Times, it didn’t happen. If it is in the NY Times, it must be true.
    8. Fox News is bad and lies.
    9. As long as I can have sex with anyone I wish, I am free. I am extra-free if I can make others pay for the consequences of my bad decisions.
    10. Democrat ideas are so great that they must be forced upon everyone. The only people who don’t agree with democrat ideas are anti-science, religious zealots, greedy capitalists, ignorant fools.
    11. Violent rhetoric is only a problem when spoken by right wingers. Violent rhetoric by the left is right and proper, since right wingers just don’t get our message.

    I may have missed some stuff.

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  5. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The Melinda Herman case has convinced me we should consider doing away with SMALL caliber handguns instead.
    They are inhumane.
    I mean really ? She emptied the gun on her attacker, yet he still was able to drive away ?
    The correct (and humane) weapon of choice here would have been any firearm capable of bone crushing lethal zombie dropping power with the first shot at any range within the premises.

    As it is, we are now left to clean up the mess. No, not the zombies entrails, rather the second guessing weenie zombies of the liberal variety

    Of course had she used a proper firearm, the outrage would still be moot since Democrapts are well known for their ability to vote from the grave.

  6. M.Wilson says:

    Well, if the government seized control of the food supply and mandated that everyone eat a ration of government-issue nutritional paste then a knife (and fork) ban would be possible, if rather difficult (read: impossible) to enforce.

    The jury is out on whether said paste would be made of people. It would be “for our own good” of course, to solve obesity or something like that.

    To maintain an illusion of choice they could offer the paste in several flavors, and then proceed to mock that illusion by not letting you choose which flavor will be issued to you that day. I rather imagine a Leftist utopia resembling a mix of 1984, Soylent Green, Nazi Germany, and Soviet Russia. Maybe with some sort of caste system thrown in, to solve unemployment by issuing jobs from birth (an idea I actually have heard from a Democrat).

    Hmm, somebody should write a dystopian novel like that, but avoid overtly showing the negative consequences (make it from the point of view of a citizen safely cocooned in the propaganda web) so we can see how many leftists think it sounds wonderful. Some holes should be in the curtain though, so perceptive people can realize the dystopia for what it is.

  7. Sam Adams says:

    Ghost of FA Hayek says:
    January 16, 2013 at 9:04 am

    The Melinda Herman case has convinced me we should consider doing away with SMALL caliber handguns instead.

    Already largely accomplished with the “Saturday Night Special” ban. Many grandmas have driven off their attackers with a 22 revolver. Even really big, brave guys don’t want to test their mettle against a lowly 22.

    Of course if the guy actually has evil intent, sometimes you need a weapon capable of stopping the guy. In which case, I prefer a 40 cal S&W round.

  8. Bloodless Coup says:

    Sadly, I think you grossly overestimate the intelligence of most Obama supporters.

  9. HARD CORE TEA says:


    Because it’s for the kids. You love kids don’t you?

  10. Teufelhunden says:

    Once we ban those evil guns, our great leader must circumvent Congress and ban all power tools for the sake of our children. After all, why do we need such a high speed, powerful circular saw when a much safer handsaw could be used? Just think of all the lives and limbs we could save.

  11. Bo-Jangles says:

    The left always has a good supply of political props on hand for one of Mullah Obummer’s little shows. Children, women, gays, blacks, illegals, and of course, liberal dupes.

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  14. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    Contest!! Who loves your children more, Adolph or Barack. Vote here_____

    Because they both did it for the children.

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  16. bee says:

    Talk about life imitating art: there’s a scene from the 1994 “Stargate” film where the evil Ra character gathers kids around him so Kurt Russell won’t blast him. (Wish I could find a still image.)

  17. Texas12 says:

    The caption for the Stalin poster reads
    “Stalinist affection illuminates the future of our children!”

  18. Questionman says:

    Lies about Gun-control, Truth about the Racist Right!

    It’s about time I threw my hat in this disuccion.

    It is proven beyond doubt ANYONE who hates Barack Obama is a racist!

    Can Barack Obama be impeached for the numerous impeachable offenses he’s committed? He has not committed any, so no

    Is Barack Obama a fraud? No
    Is Barack Obama a dictator? No, he was elected as president
    Does Barack Obama hate America? No

    Is Barack Obama a narcissist? No
    Is Barack Obama an evil man? No
    Is Barack Obama a traitor? No
    Is Barack Obama an Anti-American? No
    Does Barack Obama hate White people? No
    Is Barack Obama a Marxist? No
    Is Barack Obama a communist? No
    Is Barack Obama a pathological liar? No
    Is Barack Obama a Muslim? No

    You racists hypocrites call Obama “shameless” for “using children” to fix gun laws? Here’s a doozy, WHEN DID PLANNING TO BAN CERTAIN GUNS EQUALS “GUN GRAB”!

    As expected the only people who have a problem with it are the party of bigots, extremists, and racists. It’s wrong when the black man does it:

    In 2006, President Bush issued his first veto to block stem cell research legislation that had easily passed the Republican-controlled Senate and House. In front of several families and their “snowflake” children (so named because they “were born from “adopted” frozen embryos that had been left unused at fertility clinics), Bush explained why the other 400,000 embryos would have to stay on ice.

    They’re not taking anything away, census pollers aren’t gonna start confiscating your damn guns. They’re making it harder for whackos to buy them and getting the completely unnecessary military grade weapons out of civilian reach. Quite frankly, if you vitriolic, conspiracy theorists are the ones so pissed off about all this….I’m *GLAD* President Obama is making changes. I want the right to own a gun, absolutely….but stockpile arsenals is idiotic…of the government is really out to get you, your guns won’t do a damn bit of good, and neither will your precious constitution.

    The world applauds Obama for being the first President in god-knows-when to actually take practical measures in reducing America’s appalling gun violence problems, as well as showing some balls in standing up to the gun industry/lobby and it’s army of deluded devotees.

    Obama has not exploited anyone is the recent gun control discussion. He has used the Sandy Creek event as an example.

    A problem is congress and the fact that they can be bought by a lobby or association.

    A common sense approach would be to bring everyone together and go through the pros and cons in a step by step fashion…Agreement achieved at each step.

    Extremist views and outliers like some of the leads in the NRA have derailed this type of approach with a disregard for other views.

    comparing him Hitler, Mao, or Stalin is a bit much and is hyperbolic. Frankly it’s just ignorant.

    Obama is not trying to destroy America!

    A fraud? A usurper? He is the legitimately elected President. His birth has been proven beyond reasonable doubt, both through document and newspaper evidence, and as his mother was an American citizen that challenge is moot to begin with.

    The question of his political beliefs is ridiculous. A Marxist or Communist would not have settled for a privately owned hospital system as Obama did. The comparisons to Stalin, Hitler and Mao make the comparators look ignorant and stupid. Where are his death camps? Who has he persecuted? What privately owned resources has he nationalized? Not one!

    Muslims go to the mosque. Obama goes to church. He eats pork and shrimp. Muslims do not. This is another stupid claim made by stupid people who also claim that Reverend Wright has too much influence on him, without for a second thinking how one argument gives the lie to the other.

    As for election fraud, not one shred of evidence has been offered to suggest this either. Quite the opposite in fact, with Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics.

    you constantly roll out photos of dead children killed by drones that were ordered by Obama to kill, but since most of you guys support killing little brown Muslim babies, and soon little black Muslim babies and children in Africa that would be pointless.

    Ad hominem comments and remarks by right-wing conservatives are staples in all of their media outlets, whether print, radio, television, or, especially, on the internet. It’s what they do.

    When they finally realize that they are not winning a particular argument or issue; when they see finally that people just simply do not accept or believe their continual myth-making, and are prepared to ignore, if not punish them for their continued irrationality – they resort to personal calling our President, the Commander in chief rude, fabricated and juvenile names..

    “He’s not my President” is what you’re gonna say. Yes..ALL racists and bigoted scum like them say that. They don’t considering Anyone who is not WHITE a leader!

    That’s how the racist right works, and that’s how there are ALWAYS gonna work!

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