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May 19 2023

Ford Pulls a Bud Light

If any product could be crazier even than beer to market by associating it with transsexualism, it would be trucks. So Ford rams this down our throats:

They would have shown Sam Brinton stepping out of the rainbow truck in the latest dress he stole, but he was otherwise engaged.

The liberal elite types comprising the advertising industry probably live inside a bubble of unmitigated moonbattery in which they never encounter a regular American. Even so, they can’t be this clueless — not after what has been happening to sales of Bud Light. They aren’t trying to sell trucks; they are sending a message:

We don’t like you smelly working people who buy trucks. We would rather sell pickups to Dylan Mulvaney instead. If transsexuals don’t buy trucks, fine; we won’t sell them. Our business model doesn’t require us to. We make moronic electric vehicles that no one wants to please the kooks running the federal government. In return, bureaucrats give us your money whether you drive our trucks or not.

On tips from DCGere and Ed McAninch.


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