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Jun 11 2019

Former Global Village Rejects Mass Immigration

Pious speeches about multiculturalism lift the hearts of some. But after posturing has led to practice, the results are not so flowery. Even the erstwhile “global village” of Riace, Italy has had enough. It recently elected a new mayor who has the support of countermoonbat Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigration Lega party.

Mayor Antonio Trifoli promises to be a massive improvement over his predecessor, who helped dig the town into its current hole.

Former mayor Domenico “Mimmo” Lucano encouraged migrants and refugees to come to the village to counter a gradual decline of inhabitants and workers and show how migrant integration could be done.

But now he is no longer even a member of the town council after his left-backed list lost in the elections, and he has been barred from the town.

He’s lucky he didn’t wind up hanging upside down at a gas station, like another failed Italian politician.

German director Wim Wenders made a documentary in 2010 featuring the leftist mayor and Riace’s refugees, but Lucano was last year placed under house arrest for allegedly setting up fake marriages to help foreign women stay in the country after their asylum applications were rejected.

Riace used to be a moonbat utopia:

Over the years the town took in around 6,000 migrants, opened shops and workshops and even launched its own currency stamped with the heads of Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King.

Utopias don’t last long. Fortunately for Riace, it saw that it was going down the wrong path before altered demographics made it impossible to turn back.

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