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Oct 24 2011

Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Occupy Wall Street Commies

Someone who has a clue what socialism is — having lived under it — tries to talk sense to the willfully ignorant idiots comprising the Occupy Wall Street movement:

Via Reaganite Republican.

31 Responses to “Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Occupy Wall Street Commies”

  1. Hedgehog says:

    “Ignorant idiots” sums it up well. And, no, you can not reason with them.

  2. Obama Nation says:

    Be careful what you hope for Obama Zombies, you just might get it.

  3. Anand Holtham-Keathley says:

    “Business Insider,” says it better than any I have heard.

  4. AC says:

    Is that Gunther the North Korean apologetic?

  5. KHarn says:

    So what’s the solution? That’s not sarcasm, I really want to know.

    ROBBING “the rich” will only drive them out of the country to where they WON’T be robbed. And if you try to tax them while they live and work in another country, that would constitute RACKETEERING. But what if your solution is to tax and fine them against the laws of those other countrys and those countrys OBJECT? Will you send the army to collect?

  6. Stephan the Original says:

    I’m with you Hedgehogs – when someone proves that no proof is enough for them, it’s time to walk away.

  7. Sgt Stadenko says:

    Those two dopes were so ridiculous, I fully expect lao and the rest of the trolls to claim the whole thing was a set up – that they were “right-wing plants”.


  8. TonyD95B says:

    Reminds me of Yakov Smirnoff:

    “In America you can always find a party. In the Soviet Union, party always find YOU.”

    Stalin used to refer to these clueless neocommie dupes as, “useful idiots” – and as we can see, they have the “idiot” part down cold.

  9. AC says:

    So what’s the solution? That’s not sarcasm, I really want to know.

    In Leninist theory, the “solution” is a completely communist world. Their solution is the extinguishment of freedom the world over, so that talent and capital will have neither the place to run nor hide.

    Ironically enough, the “workers” at OWS are themselves viewed as capitalist exploiters under a Leninist model, owing to their benefit from the superprofits derived from what the commies see as an international imperialist system.

    The slogan, “Workers of the world, unite.” was about more than encouraging communism to grow everywhere. Its second meaning implied that communism was necessary everywhere.

    We must know our enemy; this is what we’re up against. They want to socialize the entire world. Lenin wanted proletarian uprisings in every country. His revolutionary dreams did not pan out, so now the Fabians are busy giving small doses of socialism to free nations, one step at a time. The useful idiots are everywhere. I saw this morning they have now infested even the Vatican, which called for a global central bank and planning authority to push global social justice. To think only a short while ago that John Paul II stood against the expansion of Soviet socialism.

    Europe has already done this. The problems of the PIIGS are bleeding out to the responsible EU member states.

    We see it through OECD, which is basically a working group to export high tax rates and crushing bureaucracy the world over, preventing capital and talent from fleeing where it is appreciated.

    Notice how the commie blamed North Korea’s problems on the lack of communism elsewhere. They truly believe the miserable experiment will work if everybody is dragged down into misery all at once.

    Unlike Soviet refugees, we will have nowhere to flee.

  10. Jester says:

    This video brings back fond memories for me. Can you believe that many years ago a 19-year-old Jester was on the Far Left? Believe it. That is, until he moved in for 2 years next door to a Cambodian refugee who survived the Killing Fields. And spent those same 2 years working for a refugee from Soviet Poland. There’s nothing like hearing the first-person perspective to change one’s mind from stupid to smart. Sadly, it looks like the Moonbats in the video are too far gone. Glad I wasn’t!

  11. Auntie Sam says:

    I feel about Islam the way this man feels about socialism and I have the same absurd mind blowing conversations with the artsy hipsters I have to deal with every day. They believe they know better than the people who actually lived through and witnessed what these ideologies really are. It’s unbelievable. Socialist? Seriously. They are all completely nuts.

  12. Joe says:

    I bet that dufus with the Shirley Temple hair can’t even tie his own shoes.


    Every single one of these kinds of encounters ends in someone screaming “racist” or some other smear. Listen to the very end as the Russian guy is leaving – “ARE YOU RACIST TOO MAN?”

    These people arent going away, get ready for the new way of life, not brought on by them in the present, brought on by “conservatives” who gave up ground on every social and moral battle over the last 40 years that created an environment that breeds the kind of radical perverse thinking that is pervasive at OWS.

    Look in the mirror folks.

  14. Sgt Stadenko says:

    He does a good job of booger-eatin’, though…


  15. TK says:

    That’s powerful. And sad.

  16. Piker says:

    I love this guy, The snarky “Realllly?” was priceless.

  17. Littleoldme says:

    Don’ these foolish people realize that they will be the first to die in a socialist ‘utopia’?

  18. Spider says:

    You can tell from this video that they must be bringing in tankers filled with Kool-Aid and just spraying the whole crowd.

    Two weeks ago, our limp-wristed ruler, His Majesty Bloomberg, told the anarchists they could stay as long as they wanted. Last week, when some of Manhattans wealthy Leftists objected to finding human waste in their hallways, they told His Majesty the anarchists had to go. Queen Bloomberg then said he was “going to draw the line and lay down the law” on the anarchists. So far, not a thing has changed. Perhaps the wealthy Leftists are getting used to the stink.

  19. IslandLifer says:

    Just proves you can’t fix stupid. I can picture these toads screaming for mercy as they’re being beat by batons and dragged away by their hair.

  20. rotormotored says:

    Forgive them father, for these idiots know not what they do.

  21. AC says:

    Irreverent radicals and troublemakers were influential in the Russian Revolution, too. The Bolshevik cause was bolstered by angry youth and ivory tower academics who had a real problem with rules and authority, and hence, opposed the existing power structure.

    Once the revolution was over and they were no longer useful, Lenin had many of them shot.

    These fools who beg for a communist dictator are ignorant of history. Ten times out of ten communist regimes have tolerated silent skeptics who possessed fear of the regime over ideological allies who showed a willingness to speak out against anyone. An overworked proletarian slave to the state can hate communism but he won’t step out of line as long as he hopes to go home to his family instead of being sent off to Gulag. These drug-addled hippies don’t want to listen to anyone, nor do they want to work, so they’re utterly useless to the very form of government they hope to bring about.

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  23. MissAnthropy says:

    “IslandLifer says:
    October 24, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    Just proves you can’t fix stupid. I can picture these toads screaming for mercy as they’re being beat by batons and dragged away by their hair.”

    They would end up like so many Soviet apparatchiks, defiantly screaming “Just wait until Comrade Stalin finds out about this!” at their last moments, totally oblivious that it was Comrade Stalin ordering their deaths.

  24. 4farms says:

    Frightening ignorance.

    Reminiscent of Mao’s Red Guards in the 1960s. Shrill, hysterical, ignorant, bent on destruction.

    IF this is what OWS is about then the USA is in very deep trouble.

  25. RICH says:

    “I’m here to document stupid people like you.” Lol.

  26. Mickey Shea says:

    Oh man, that was priceless…I can’t stop laughing at these retards.

  27. I like how after he says he was in the USSR 29 years they won’t shut up- shows you the mentality of these pudding-heads

    Thx 4 the link, Mr B

  28. Narrator 1 says:

    It’s useless. These people believe that the USSR failed because the system wasn’t Commie enough, and because the evil capitalist AmeriKKKa retarded the progress of the Worldwide Commie Revolution at every turn.

  29. whotothewhat says:

    WOW these protestor are f#$@ing morons, North Korea is better then the USA really!. A true case showing just how brained wash these worthless idiots are. Our education system along with the old media need to be shutdown and replaced.

  30. Motorcyclist says:

    Reason? Reason with what? This is just another long tenuous failure in a lifetime of long tenuous failures for these people who find themselves parroting rhetoric without the means to question what’s coming out of their own mouths.

    How does a person like this get a job? Or for that matter, get themselves dressed???

  31. Scott B says:

    Hold on… did one of them ACTUALLY say the only difference between the Koreas was that NORTH Koreans get paid a decent wage?

    Did I hear that correctly?

    You think, since the DPRK provides a decent wage, that we can convince these people to seek employment in North Korea. We help them obtain gainful employment, get our parks cleaned up, and get rid of the intellectual “dead wood” all at the same time.

    I’ll chip in for airfare.

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