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Sep 26 2018

Four-Day Lines for Gasoline in Oil-Rich but Socialist Venezuela

Countermoonbat economist Milton Friedman is said to have said that if you put Big Government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there would be a shortage of sand, meaning that socialism creates shortages out of abundance. Venezuela, possessor of the world’s largest proven oil reserves, has proven this to be correct after succumbing to socialism.

In Táchira, the regime tried out a scheme to prevent foreigners from exploiting subsidized prices, although it would be hard to imagine many foreigners wanting to venture into Venezuela these days. The result was even longer lines than usual.

Drivers reportedly had to wait between 72 to 96 hours in the searing heat outside service stations for the arrival of gasoline, a product in increasingly short supply amid the country’s dire economic crisis.

Well-prepared drivers showed up at gas stations with pillows, hammocks, board games, et cetera.

Finally, after days of this nonsense,

the scene eventually turned to chaos as drivers began to protest by blocking the streets and covering them with debris. Despite the efforts of police to calm the situation, Maduro eventually suspended the new policy.

Even under a socialist dictatorship, it pays to push back.

But Venezuelans can expect continued difficulty obtaining gasoline, as with all other necessities. Oil production is under the control of military generals rather than people who have the first clue about oil production.

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