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Jul 17 2019

Fox 10 Phoenix’s Kari Lake Exposed as Thought Criminal

Fox 10 in Phoenix tempers its leftist slant on the news by having it delivered by the reasonable John Hook and Kari Lake, billed as the “longest running news team in Arizona.” But Kari Lake has gone missing the last couple of nights. This story is probably why:

Fox 10’s Emmy Award-winning anchor Kari Lake dropped the f-bomb on camera as she was preparing to do a Facebook Live broadcast and the clip was subsequently leaked online.

The video shows her co-host John Hook suggesting that station managers wanted her to hide her Parler account because of potential bad press from left-wing outlet the Phoenix New Times.

Any alternatives to leftist-controlled Twitter are branded as “far right” so as to discredit those who use them. Just by having an account, Kari Lake has placed herself in the crosshairs of the sort of Jacobins who write for the Phoenix News Times.

Her response to Hook’s warning was not meant for the public:

“F*** them. They’re 20-year-old dopes,” Lake responded. “That’s a rag for selling marijuana ads”.

Although I would not dispute her characterization, the New Times is barely more radical than the local establishment paper, the Arizona Republic, which denounces Parler as “a radical right-wing Twitter alternative” and spins the incident as a good career move for Lake. Denouncing its own town as being infested with deplorables, the Arizona Repugnant snarls that Lake should be embarrassed, but…

…it wouldn’t surprise me if she and her bosses decided it was a boon for her and their station.

After all, they operate in a community where a sizable number of potential viewers have bought into President Donald Trump’s fantasy claim that damaging, provable, undeniable facts presented about him are not facts, but “fake news.” …

People like that would be happy to get their “news” from someone they believed to be on their side.

And apparently, Lake is.

Hopefully, the Repugnant is right for a change and Lake’s career survives her public outing as a thought criminal.

On a tip from Varla.

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