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May 20 2019

Fran Lebowitz Calls for Trump to Be Dismembered

Fran Lebowitz, who has been hyped as the current generation’s Dorothy Parker, has what it takes to qualify as an elite member of the intelligentsia: childishness, poor taste, irresponsibility, and theatrical hatred of the current POTUS:

Liberal author Fran Lebowitz went to the extreme Friday night during an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” suggesting that President Trump should not only be impeached but killed.

Screeches Lebowitz:

“We should turn him over to the Saudis, you know, his buddies. The same Saudis who got rid of that reporter, you know. Maybe they can do the same for him.”

The reference is to Jamal Khashoggi, an activist journalist linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. He was beaten, tortured, murdered, and cut to pieces with a bone saw by the Saudi government.

That’s the same treatment enlightened, tolerant liberals think the President of the USA deserves. Any deplorable who supports him presumably deserves it too. If you disagree, you must be unenlightened and intolerant.

Unsurprisingly, her bloodthirsty call to violence drew applause from Bill Maher’s enlightened and tolerant liberal audience, though even Maher (who called Lebowitz the smartest person he knows) backed off from it.

Forced to back off herself, Lebowitz took the opportunity to remind us that we are dumb compared to smart people like her:

“I did not mean that and I regret saying it. I regret that everyone misinterpreted it because they misinterpret everything,” Lebowitz added.

Dumb as we are, not many are dumb enough to regard this pathetic excuse for an apology as more sincere than her call to violence.

On a tip from TCS III. Hat tip: Hot Air.

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