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Jan 16 2020

Francisco Javier Vera, 10-Year-Old Greta

When it comes to puppet ecowarriors, the younger the better. Sixteen-year old envirofascist mouthpiece Greta Thunberg has been topped by 10-year-old Francisco Javier Vera of Colombia — who has the added advantage of being from a Third-World country.

Al Jazeera wants to make him a star:

No doubt Francisco has as much factual information in his head regarding the influence of human activity on the earth’s climate as most others participating in the global warming hoax.

It is actually possible that gullible liberals take these pint-sized climate commies at face value, as if the rhetoric they spew were not devised by adults.

Let’s hope that being used by environmental fanatics does not cause Francisco ecoanxiety, as happened with Greta Thunberg, who is said to have plunged into such a deep depression due to the doomy propaganda she had been subjected to that she barely spoke or ate, which caused her to suffer malnutrition on top of Asperger syndrome.

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