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Jul 20 2019

Freddy McConnell, Mother of the First Motherless Child

You would have to be psychotic to have a nightmare this depraved, so it can’t be a dream. But it certainly isn’t real. So it must be the news. The Daily Mail reports on a man who has given birth. The name is Freddy McConnell:

By law, although Freddy was born female, he is (and was on the day his child was born) a man. Ten days after he legally became a man, he accessed sperm from a donor and — because he had decided to keep his womb — was in the extraordinary (although not unique, as we will discover) position of being a pregnant man.

By now we are used to the media deceiving us, but why tell such an obvious lie? Freddy is not a man, regardless of whatever Island of Doctor Moreau type procedures she may have inflicted on herself, and regardless of the false pronouns the media uses out of political obsequiousness. Men don’t have babies.

However, in the wonderland of liberal ideology, all things are possible. If they tell you men can have babies, you will believe it or risk ostracization. Delusional psychosis is mandatory.

The War on Reality is not quite over. Mop-up operations continue:

When Freddy, a proud campaigner on transgender issues, went to register [her] child’s birth, [she] requested that [she] be named as the ‘father’ on the legal document, rather than the ‘mother’. The General Register Office, going by the rules established in 1836, refused, pointing out that, legally, a child has to have a mother, at least on the document that confirms their existence.

It apparently is not relevant that as a matter of undeniable objective fact, Freddy is the child’s mother and is biologically incapable of being the father.

Freddy’s objections have led to a High Court battle against the Government, with [her] lawyer arguing that it is a breach of Freddy’s human rights to force [her] to be recognised as the baby’s mother.

The concept of “human rights” has already been reduced to farce. Social engineers are doing the same to the concept of objective reality. In utopia, we will believe whatever they tell us, no matter how patently absurd.

Whatever, the ramifications of this case are huge. If Freddy’s case is successful, [her] child will be the first in Britain to, in the eyes of the law, have no mother.

As mentioned earlier, liberals destroy what they hate by forbidding us the vocabulary to describe it. Here we see a similar phenomenon. They actually believe that by forcibly altering the meaning of words, they can create a child who has no mother.

With just as much validity, they could master space travel by decreeing that hopping up in the air equals traveling through the galaxy.

Miss McConnell, who unsurprisingly works as a multimedia journalist for The Guardian, is the mother in reality, but we don’t live in reality. We live in a contrived fantasy fabricated by academia, propped up by the media, and imposed by the government. The ramifications are huge, all right.

On a tip from Mare.

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