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Aug 21 2019

French Solar Road Is a Bust

When projects are based on leftist virtue signaling rather than rational analysis of efficiency and functionality, the result is invariably wasted money. Usually, this money has been acquired on a coercive basis. An example is France’s failed €5 million solar road — aka the Wattway:

The Wattway consists of 2,800 photovoltaic panels lining one kilometer (0.62 miles) on the way to the small northern town of Tourouvre-au-Perch in Normandy.

A resin coating protects the solar panels from heavy vehicles. Driving over it creates so much noise that the speed limit had to be lowered to 43 mph. Built in 2016, the solar road is already falling apart. Unsurprisingly, it is not delivering the amount of electricity that was promised, due to weather, design flaws, et cetera.

Colas, the construction group that built the Wattway, admits that the project has failed.

In 2018, a solar road was constructed in China. The solar panels were stolen a week after it opened.

Think of the savings if Big Government would leave climate virtue signaling to useless barnacles like Prince Harry and only invest in projects that make sense.

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