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May 01 2020

Frightening Ruling on Gretchen Whitmer’s Violation of Fundamental Rights

It would be scary enough if a judge didn’t understand that the arbitrary autocratic decrees of Michigan Gauleiter Gretchen Whitmer violate fundamental rights. This is worse.

Citizens have taken Whitmer to court over her capricious and tyrannical edicts…

Many residents said Whitmer overstepped her authority by banning most travel between homes and by temporarily prohibiting sales of items such as garden supplies and activities such as some forms of fishing.

A judgment has come down:

In its ruling — the first major decision as it examines the constitutionality of Whitmer’s order — the Michigan Court of Claims sided with the governor. But in his opinion, Judge Christopher Murray acknowledged that rights claimed by the plaintiffs were fundamental, FOX 2 reported.

Turns out there is a higher law than fundamental rights.

“But those liberty interests are, and always have been, subject to society’s interests – society being our fellow residents,” the judge wrote. “They – our fellow residents – have an interest to remain unharmed by a highly communicable and deadly virus, and since the state entered the Union in 1837, it has had the broad power to act for the public health of the entire state when faced with a public crisis.”

We still have fundamental rights, but only when there isn’t a bug going around.

Issuing an injunction against Whitmer’s order “would not serve the public interest, despite the temporary harm to plaintiffs’ constitutional rights,” the judge added.

Anything goes, so long as you can get a judge to declare that it serves the public interest.

Good thing King George didn’t think of that. This whole America thing never would have gotten off the ground — assuming of course that Murray’s argument would fly with the Founding Fathers.

On a tip from Lyle.

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