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Jul 14 2020

From Constitutional Republic to Oligarchical Democracy

An interesting piece at sponsor on the history of the voting franchise in the USA illustrates our progressive deterioration from a constitutional republic to “pure” mob rule democracy steered by a powerful elite. This deterioration will accelerate if today’s radical Democrats take power. They may be counting on it to make the results of the next election permanent.

One Democrat objective is to abolish the Electoral College, which prevents densely populated parts of the country from running roughshod over rural areas.

The Electoral College and the Senate allow rural states to have a voice in how the country is run, rather than being totally ruled over by people in urban centers who don’t own guns, can’t grow food, and have never met their neighbors.

Imagine the whole country ruled by the sort of moonbats who get elected in the densest population areas, e.g., Bill de Blasio, Eric Garcetti, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Maxine Waters.

Progressives have already partially neutered the Senate with the 17th Amendment. The Founding Fathers intended Senators to represent their state governments. Now that senators are directly elected, it is debatable whether they even represent their own states. Robert Francis O’Rourke was nearly elected to the Senate from Texas while primarily representing his financial base in Hollywood.

Efforts to make voting easier often facilitate voter fraud, which benefits the party more likely to engage in it. This is why Democrats have been pushing for mass mail-in voting.

This is just printing up a ton of ballots, sending them out and letting everyone mail them in. There are few, if any, protections in place for preventing people from voting twice, preventing non-registered voters from voting, or preventing illegal aliens from voting. For every person who votes that shouldn’t, a legal voter has their vote cancelled out or nullified.

More direct democracy ironically results in less input by voters:

The transition to a purer democracy has coincided with greater influence among unofficial kingmakers who control the process while also consolidating greater power in Washington, D.C. In practice, this has meant favoring a bureaucratic elite who effectively act as unelected legislators. Most of the regulations put in place by the alphabet soup of federal agencies aren’t there by statute, but are in fact part of powers delegated to them by the legislature who have abdicated their legislative authority.

What’s more, these unofficial kingmakers are often shadowy figures whose names (to say nothing of their intentions) are mostly unknown. These are not the traditional party bosses who were, in a sense, beholden to their people in the form of having to provide patronage and pork and other tangible results. Rather the new kingmakers of our pure democracy are the mass media, party activists and others with no skin in the game and little in the way of public accountability. Their angle is one entirely of self-interest and not to the broader body politic, to say nothing of future generations.

Read the whole piece at, and while you are there, stock up on discount ammunition before Democrats have the leverage to make it illegal.

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