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Mar 26 2013

From My Cold Dead Hands

We’ve seen Jim Carrey’s nasty moonbat version. Here’s the original:

On a tip from dan.

9 Responses to “From My Cold Dead Hands”

  1. Skyfall says:

    There you have it.






    Compare that to the Michael Moores, the Jim Careys, the Jane Fondas, the Bill Mahers, the Ed Asners, the Harry Belafontes, the Samuel L. Jacksons…and almost any politician you can think of.

    God bless Heston, man. They don’t make the likes of him any more.

  2. Nathaniel M says:

    Wow. I bet if he slammed the butt of that gun on the floor at the end of his speech he’d be able to part the seas yet again! Never gets old.

  3. Alxandro says:

    Nothing awesomer than Guns and Moses!

  4. Flu-Bird says:

    Heston was a astronuat in the origional PLANET OF THE APES so he had to deal with monkeys especialy ones like JIM CARREY,MICHEAL MOORE,JOHNNY DEPP,ALEC BALDWIN and OLIVER STONE . TAKE YOUR STIKIN PAWS OFF ME YOU DAMN DIRTY APE

  5. Nathaniel M says:

    You just had to mention it didn’t ya?

  6. Flu-Bird says:

    Becuase CHARLETON HESTON was a real man and JIM CARREY is a real big time pussietard

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