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Apr 04 2013

From the Bathhouse to the Baseball Diamond

Last we saw Obama throwing out a first pitch, it didn’t turn out so well:

obama pitch

So our undaunted leader gave it another try:


Maybe he should stick to shooting hoops. Strike that.

Maybe he should stick to riding his bicycle.

obama bicycle

Via The Looking Spoon, on a tip from TED.

26 Responses to “From the Bathhouse to the Baseball Diamond”

  1. Xavier says:

    Someone needs to be punished for that. My libido may never be the same.

  2. a good laugh in the morning says:

    Bwahaha! LMFAO over looking spoon video.

  3. a good laugh in the morning says:


  4. Flu-Bird says:


  5. Corporal Joe Bauers says:

    I know What is on second.

  6. Tchhht!!! says:

    From the look on his face I am guessing Obama removed the seat from that bike and is digging it.

  7. Spider says:

    Can’t you just see the N. Koreans, ChiComs, Russians, and Iranians shaking in their boots seeing him on that bike?

  8. Carlton Luzinski says:

    @Spider they don’t shake in their boots they love chicago dear leader. All the world does, if you don’t you be wayciss.

  9. Alphamail says:

    That thing throwing out the ball is road-kill creepy…

    I must say however, it’s one of the better-looking liberal women.

  10. Steve says:

    Good one! used at cry and howl … linking back here.

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  12. Doug says:

    Somehow, I’m thinking this chick originally threw the ball.

  13. Tax Slave says:

    I had heard that one of the services Rev. Wright did was match up gay progressives with wives, because marriage IS the ultimate closet.

    Do Michelle’s girls take after 0’Bama? I know he looks more like the pornographer that took pictures of his mother that the Kenyan she was with.

  14. Tax Slave says:

    At least they used black sperm donors; Michael Jackson’s kids look completely Caucasian.

  15. Nathaniel M says:

    Damn I need an eye-bleach treatment after seeing The Looking Spoon’s video.

    That video belongs on Web Soup’s segment, “Things You Can’t Un-see.”

  16. Bubba says:

    Nice bike helmet, fruitball. Good thing I don’t have young kids today. If they wanted a bike helmet, I’d probably ground them and take away their bike until they learn to quit acting like sissys.

  17. Rick says:

    Please , don’t shove him off on the cycling community , we don’t want him either.

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  19. Flu-Bird says:

    I hope the WHITE SOX and CUBS never sea WORLD SERIES ever and seeing OBAMA on that stupid bicycle reminds you of PEE WEE HERMIN

  20. Flu-Bird says:

    Hey obama WHO,S ON FIRST?

  21. Son of Taz says:

    Rick, you’re missing something good. Send him cycling and then throw a big effin’ stick in the spokes. Now that would be an epic FAIL watching that half-baked turd go tumbling!

  22. Reagan Conservative says:

    Remember back not long ago when real men were American presidents, and sissy fags were not? Here’s a reminder.

  23. TTommy Tucker says:

    Who voted for this effeminate buffoon? God, do I miss Bush. Both of them.

  24. Flu-Bird says:

    Chicago called the WINDY CITY becuase of all the demacatic windbags and derived from a indian word meaning BAD SMELL

  25. Flu-Bird says:

    Take a sledge hammer to obmas stupid bicycle

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