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Dec 15 2019

Full Extent of Joe Biden’s Ukraine Corruption

The impeachment sham rests on the assumption that Trump had 100% certainty that Joe Biden was innocent of corruption vis-à-vis Ukraine when he had the allegedly scandalous call with Volodymyr Zelensky. As Mr Reagan explains below, that assumption is laughable.

A little long, but informative and thought-provoking:

“Digging dirt” is Liberalese for investigating the corruption of Democrat politicians. Small wonder that Pelosi et al want to make it a high crime and impeachable offense.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

5 Responses to “Full Extent of Joe Biden’s Ukraine Corruption”

  1. […] by the standards of the corruptocrat Quid Pro Quo Joe, this is an astonishingly arrogant lie. Watch in amazement as Biden claims credit […]

  2. […] was not much better than the response. Do they really think that wanting someone to investigate the corruption that characterizes Joe Biden is “sullying” that swamp […]

  3. […] Here we see that Williams has mastered a core principal of leftism: always accuse the opposition of your own shortcomings. Those who don’t believe in the global warming hoax are dupes, just as the party whose leading presidential candidate is Joe Biden accuses Donald Trump of a corrupt relationship with Ukraine. […]

  4. […] is involved in corruption regarding Ukraine, it is not Trump but his likely 2020 election adversary Joe Biden (and conceivably Nancy Pelosi). It is unlikely that Quid Pro Joe will see prison time for this. But […]

  5. […] Another heckler wanted to know what happened to the money Quid Pro Quo Joe and Hunter hauled in from Ukraine. […]

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