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May 01 2024

G7 Agrees to Shut Down Coal by 2035

Unless the woke globalist ruling class is overthrown soon, there could be dark times ahead — literally:

Energy ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) wealthy countries reached a deal to shut down their coal-fired power plants by 2035 at the latest, in a significant step toward the transition away from fossil fuels.

These countries, which include the USA, will not remain wealthy for long, because they will not be able to afford the energy required to sustain their economies.

The accord will be included in the G7 energy ministers’ final communique to be released on Tuesday at the end of a two-day meeting in Turin.

Coal is the cheap and abundant energy source that combined with capitalism allowed the West to pull humanity out of the poverty it had been mired in from the beginning. Banning this staple of energy production is like banning wheat — although our rulers are more likely to ban meat, in accordance with their liberal flakiness.

According to ruling class ideology, coal is offensive to the atavistic weather gods we are told to worship. Yet the carbon emissions produced by coal overwhelmingly come from China and India, which are not run by suicidal fools and therefore will continue to burn it.

The only impact of a G7 ban on coal will be to put people out of work and to raise the price of energy. There is zero chance that it will perceptibly impact the weather — as if the weather were a problem anyway.

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