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Jul 18 2019

Gadsden Flag Denounced as Thought Crime

We didn’t push back hard enough when they declared that the Confederate Flag — a symbol not only of the South but also of rebellion — was denounced as racist and banished. Consequently, social engineers are now doing the same to the revolutionary Gadsden Flag, likewise a symbol of both heritage and rebellion.

Actor Chris Pratt was caught wearing a variation on the Gadsden Flag. Yahoo News helped gin up the lynch mob:

Pratt is facing criticism over a T-shirt he was pictured wearing featuring a controversial symbol.

Why the hell would the Gadsden Flag be controversial to an American? It stands for American liberty. Next they’ll be coming after the original Betsy Ross Flag. Oh that’s right, they already have.

Although [the Gadsden Flag] is one of the symbols and flags used by the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team, Metallica, as well as some libertarian groups, over the years the flag has been adopted by Far Right political groups like the Tea Party, as well as gun-toting supporters of the Second Amendment.

Note that they openly vilify support for the US Constitution.

The piece goes on to feature Twitter denunciations of Pratt by Jacobins eager to drag him to guillotine, starting with one that proclaims the Gadsden Flag to be a “white supremacist dogwhistle.” Gullible readers are left with the impression that anything associated with the American Revolution and/or defense of the US Constitution is “white supremacist” and therefore bad.

It is now common for “mainstream” news articles to consist largely of deliberate lies motivated by an increasingly open hatred of American heritage.

Liberals also bitterly denounce Pratt for attending a proper church. How a regular American like Pratt survives in New Gomorrah aka Hollyweird is a mystery.

Thought criminal Chris Pratt caught in flagrante delicto.

On a tip from Stormfax. Hat tip: Big League Politics.

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