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Nov 04 2011

Gary Boisclair Shows Spine

Ultra-left Nation of Islam alumnus Keith Ellison faces a challenge from Gary Boisclair for his Minneapolis House seat. His dhimmified moonbat supporters aren’t going to like Boisclair’s refreshing honesty about Islam:

What a surprise: YouTube pulled this.

Hat tip: Zilla of the Resistance.

15 Responses to “Gary Boisclair Shows Spine”

  1. IslandLifer says:

    Honesty is the best policy. I’m glad to see those with that virtue are running for office.

  2. Geeknerd says:

    he’d better beef up his security

    look what the swine did to that movie-maker in Holland

  3. OathLess says:

    Swearing on a book that declares it is ok to be dishonest is …..

  4. So Cal Jim says:

    I wish I could vote for him.

  5. Dr. 9 says:

    When you see how a radical racist like Keith Ellison can actually get into public office and into a decision-making position of power, one wonders if voting in this country is too easy and open to too many people. Obviously, there are people in this country who think only of their own personal advancement, which is how Obummer got elected, and think nothing of the country as a whole.

    Freedom is truly a great thing, but too much of anything will eventually destroy everything.

  6. Zilla says:

    Thanks for linking my post, Dave!

  7. chuck in st paul says:

    this is Teh Peoples Republic of Minnesota, land of three million loons (and two million rational adults), they’re going to vote for whatever is cool and/or whatever is ‘approved’ for white guilt assuagement

    remember, this was the ONLY state that didn’t carry for Ron Reagan’s reelection; tells ya all ya need to know

  8. Beef says:

    Ellison was elected due to a concerted capmpaign by the Minneapolis Star Tribune to whitewash his background.

  9. Chris says:

    Youtube doesn’t want to face the repercussions mandated by the ‘Religion of Peace’. Ellison is a disgrace and I hope that Gary has bodyguards. Islam is the religion of war and disease and depravity. Fuck Mohammad and his bloddy legacy.

  10. lsmith says:

    Moral Clarity. It’s what we lack and what we need. We must be able identify evil when we see it and call it by it’s name. We have Democrats that feel more comfortable around evil dictators than they do their fellow Americans. Islam is not a religion and our laws should not protect it. Islam is a direct threat to our constitution and our freedom.

  11. hiheels says:

    It will be an easy take over for the muslims in this country, obama and clinton open immigration policy and spread them across the nation and voila they are sitting in washington discussing your dhimmitude

  12. NJK says:

    Good job.

  13. Gary says:

    In a word, Islam is EVIL!!

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