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May 31 2016

Gary Johnson Says He Mostly Agrees With Bernie Sanders

You would think a communist and a libertarian would be diametric opposites. But not in 2016, the year party politics went completely off the rails during the race to nominate the worst possible candidate:

Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, said that he agrees with 73 percent of what Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) says, citing that libertarians agree with socialism as long as it’s voluntary.

You read that correctly. An actual quote from Gary Johnson, Libertarian nominee for POTUS:

“And look, libertarians agree with socialism as long as it’s voluntary.”

Similarly, cats don’t mind getting wet, so long as it’s a dry wetness.

In the unlikely event that there are any readers out there as clueless as Gary Johnson, I’ll point out that socialism is by definition not voluntary. Money is appropriated from some and given to others. If the money were given voluntarily, it would be charity, not socialism. You wouldn’t need government to impose it.

Unacceptable even as a protest vote.

On a tip from Torcer.

17 Responses to “Gary Johnson Says He Mostly Agrees With Bernie Sanders”

  1. Dan Northrup says:

    It will be voluntary, just like paying income tax is voluntary.

  2. tfhr says:

    Gary’s feeling the Bern. Bernie’s feeling the Johnson.

  3. FrozenPatriot says:

    …and here I was looking forward to explaining to my friends what separates Austin Peterson from Trillary and Hump.

  4. Stosh says:

    The major parties failed to nominate a viable candidate, why should the fringe parties be exempt…Speeding Meteor 2016…End it all Now.

  5. ATTILA727 says:

    If it’s “voluntary”, you wouldn’t need big brother to mandate it. Socialism is usually imposed with rifle butts and bayonets, scandinavia notwithstanding.

  6. ATTILA727 says:

    Libertarian without two brain cells to rub together. Maybe he’s talking about israeli kubbitz’es.

  7. RKae says:

    In other news: Gary Johnson is irredeemably retarded.

  8. david says:

    What’s the problem, NeverTrumptards?

  9. toheckwithyou says:

    It’s Trump or Clinton. Pick one bitches.

  10. rjschwarz says:

    He’s trying to appeal to Bernie voters so of course he can’t tell them they are clueless morons.

  11. bobdog19006 says:

  12. […] (2) he believes that libertarians agree with socialism so long as it is “voluntary” (yes, I’m serious); and (3) […]

  13. AlecJ says:

    The Libertarian Party has proven its just as phony as the Dems and GOP….Johnson isnt libertarian except he wants to get high. His running mate is pretty much Mitt Romney. Johnson is unlikable, and kind of a jerk. He also thinks Jews should have to bake cakes for Nazis… it.

    Meanwhile Austin Petersen was a charismatic, forward thinking, and competent candidate who could have made the LP look like a serious party. He is actually libertarian but isnt for open borders (at least while there is a welfare state) and is pro-life, pro 2A, and pro freedom of association.

    In other words….the LP picked what is really an establishment candidate even though he is terrible in almost every regard. Even with a better, more exciting choice right in front of them.

    Same old garbage.

    If anyone ever brings up the LP to me in the future…..ill just laugh.

  14. sandyaz says:

    Well we learned the meaning of RINO the hard way. Now we are having to see a LINO in full bloom.

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