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Jan 24 2020

Gas Stations Revealed as Sexist

Many aspects of our culture will have to be eliminated to bring it into full compliance with political correctness — including gas stations, which have been found to be sexist:

A mum is accusing petrol stations of sexism because their huge ‘male-designed’ pump handles hurt her ‘small hands’ – forcing her to get her partner to fill up their van.

Melanie Morgan has a problem filling up their Ford Tourneo Independence. There is nothing independent about the Independence if she needs her boyfriend to fill it up for her.

The 31-year-old private tutor accused garages of ‘everyday sexism’ on social media when her struggles filling up the van at pumps she believes are designed with men in mind.

It has become such an issue for Melanie that she’s planning to buy an electric car to avoid filling up at the pump again.

That will teach the sexist fossil fuel industry a lesson.

They could make all pumps at every gas station smaller to please Melanie. But that would leave the sexist Freudian aspect of fitting the nozzle where it goes. You can see why Democrats want to ban fossil fuels altogether.

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