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Feb 04 2012

Gay and Gayer


obama gay


obama gay

Bathhouse Barry was made Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. Will we ever live it down?

Compliments of Mary.

14 Responses to “Gay and Gayer”

  1. Granny Jan says:

    A couple for my collection

    I don’t what it is with him on the phone?
    Catty Chatty?

  2. Dr. 9 says:

    IMO, the most dangerous thing for America is not the skinny Marxist Muslim in the Oval Office, or the hundreds of radical leftists he’s buried deep in the govt. It’s the American voters, for it is they who, because of their weakness, gullibility, and their mindless addiction to all the media distractions and distortions, that are truly destroying this once-great country.

  3. Granny Jan says:

    FINALLY: Obama Singsā€¦in Spanish

    He has a nice deep baritone. He missed his calling. He could have been the Ricky Martin of his time.

  4. angryK9 says:

    If he wants to put his manhood where another man evacuates his bowels what do I care?

  5. Jodie says:

    Right angryK9, and if he wants to lick the area afterwards, who are we to say it’s wrong?

  6. TaterSalad says:

    Barack Obama has now went to the edge of insanity. He has stopped paying “combat pay” as of Feb. 1, 2012 to American units in a combat zone. What is this President thinking? What is his problem? Unless a serviceman is taking on actual fire from the enemy he will NOT receive combat pay. What about IED’s then?? This is not being made up! Will Navy corpsmen who serve in the field with Marine grunt units be entitled to combat pay even if fired upon? No pay in a combat zone and they also will be given a medal for Humane Action for not returning fire as per direction of this President. Pathetic!

  7. asswipee says:

    talking to reggie love, indeed.

    think back to high school –

    the prancing down the stairs of AF 1, the over enthusiastic “man hug” photos, the bath house allegations, the man-beast of a cover “wife”, the limp wrist baseball throws, the “mom” jeans, the bicycle photos, and, of course, the muslim propensity for gay sex prior to marriage….

    if you saw this guy in your high school, would you think he’s gay?

    oh yeah, not a question.

  8. blue says:

    back during the closing years of the Vietnam war, troops on patrol in enemy territory were not allowed to load their weapons unless they were fired on !!! You actually went on patrol in enemy territory with a unloaded weapon!!
    The libel ILK made this happen, guess they want to make sure Jane Fonda was safe.

  9. Tim from TK says:

    Tater Salad @ 4 Feb 1106

    This is getting overread – it is just prorating IDP and HFP for the actual time you are in the combat/hostile fire/imminent danger zone.

    It used to be that if you showed up for one day, you got paid for the whole month (plus the tax exemption), so a lot of pogues would find a reason to pop in on the 31st and leave on the 1st – 2 months of pay, 2 months of tax exemption. Now they would get two days.

    The 11B on a 12 month tour will get paid for 12 months, and the 42A on a 12 month tour sitting in Bagram who may never hear a shot fired in anger will still get paid for 12 months because he is in a declared zone.

    This will be invisible to the guys doing the heavy lifting, and will make their lives easier by cutting down on the visitors.

  10. I’ll bet he sure misses the Sat night jacuzzi parties at Rev Wright’s

    Those were the days

  11. Just a thought says:

    I thought is was “Don’t tell”. ( and i was really sorry when him and reggie broke up)

  12. Massa Rick says:

    “Man’s Country!”, BABY!!!

    Oh Yeah!

  13. grayjohn says:

    President Poofter.

  14. Winston Smith says:

    I doubt Obama is a Muslim or any other religion, he is far too in love with himself to worship any other god but Barack Insane Obama.

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