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Dec 16 2019

Gay Zapata Painting Splits Left in Mexico

It isn’t just in the USA, the UK, and Canada that the pushiness of pro-LGBT militants threatens to fragment the progressive coalition. The Palace of Fine Arts Museum in Mexico City decided to stick it to heteronormativity by displaying a work depicting revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata as conspicuously gay. This did not go over well with the union crowd:

“La Revolución” (2014), which depicts a nude Zapata donning a pink hat and high heels suggestively straddling a horse, was condemned by members of the Unión Nacional de Trabajadores Agrícolas (UNTA) and other similar agricultural groups for its characterization of the revolutionary. …

According to El Universal, Álvaro López Ríos, a representative of UNTA, led a storming of the museum around noon on Tuesday to demand that the painting be removed from view and destroyed. Protesters blocked the entrance and chanted “Burn it, burn it!”; they later hurled homophobic insults and other slurs at members of LGBTQ+ communities who had approached the scene in counter-protest.

The painting is part of an exhibit honoring the 100th anniversary of Zapata’s death.

[The gay Zapata painting] has incensed those who prefer to remember only a conventionally masculine image of Zapata, widely known as a principal figure of the Mexican Revolution, an early and important advocate for peasant rights in Mexico, and the namesake of the Zapatista movement. To farmworkers and ordinary Mexicans alike, he remains a beloved symbol of empowerment for poor and historically marginalized communities.

Insufficiently versed in the doctrine of intersectionality, these historically marginalized communities have failed to embrace the LGBT agenda.

Exhibit curator Luis Vargas Santiago sniffs that this proves “Mexico is still filled with homophobic machos.”

Lefties managed to alienate the working class in Britain, with devastating results for the Labour Party in last Thursday’s election. A similar phenomenon may be taking root in Mexico.

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