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Jun 14 2018

Generous Benefits Await African Welfare Colonists in Spain

A little follow-up on yesterday’s story about the boatload of African welfare colonists that was wisely turned away by Italy but then foolishly accepted by Spain:

The 629 migrants smuggled by the French NGO SOS Mediterranée from waters off the coast of Libya on Saturday will, once they arrive in Spain, potentially receive a monthly welfare payment of 495 euros. …

Furthermore, individuals are not required to search for work in order to receive this payment, which is more than twice the minimum wage in Morocco, the country with the highest minimum wage in Africa (210 euros).

They also get free healthcare, to help them cope with the many exotic diseases they are no doubt importing into Europe from the land that introduced HIV and Ebola.

But the benefits are still more extravagant in the wealthier countries to the north, so expect only the lazier ones to stay put in Spain.

You can see why the “refugees” come. The current steady stream will quickly escalate to a tsunami as the population of Africa explodes from 1 billion in 2010 to 4 billion in 2100.

Due to moonbattery having destroyed Europe’s survival instinct, as Africa’s population climbs, colonized Europe’s IQ will correspondingly decline, along with prospects for the future.

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