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Jun 03 2020

George Floyd Proves That Liberalism Is a Depraved Religion

Attempting to understand liberalism as an ideology gets us nowhere, because it is not based on reason. Putting it in terms of religion and psychopathology works better. Liberalism is a sickness that manifests as a depraved religion.

White liberals literally worship blacks as sacred beings. They do this not because of the good qualities of blacks, but precisely because of their bad qualities. Clarence Thomas is a fallen angel who does not qualify as black; Trayvon Martin is worthy of adulation.

This reverence is largely an expression of hatred of their own kind. They view their self-hatred as holy, and regard themselves as morally superior for wallowing in it.

Like Trayvon Martin, George Floyd is a martyred saint. A bad guy with a violent criminal history who was on fentanyl and methamphetamines when he was killed by a white police officer, he has quickly achieved exalted status in the liberal pantheon. Floyd is so sacred that the priesthood has arranged multiple funerals throughout the country.

If you think calling liberalism a depraved religion is just a metaphor, have a look at one of their church services. This one took place Tuesday at the Connie Morella Library in Bethesda:

The hands in the air signify obeisance to the god represented by George Floyd. This particular gesture is chosen because according to their religious dogma, the sacred black thug Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot by a white police officer. This was found to be a lie even by the Obama Justice Department. But true believers in liberalism reject factual reality as racist.

Here another true believer is overtaken by the spirit when a sacred black person demands that she kneel and abase herself:

More white liberals succumb to a grotesque ecstasy of self-debasement in Portland:

Note that this is taking place as black mobs lay siege to the nation, looting, vandalizing, setting buildings on fire, beating citizens nearly to death, and shooting police officers.

Since liberalism features black hoodlums as the most numinous of angels, it figures that the most sinister of demons are the police. Bastions of the liberal establishment like Hollywood and the New York Times have actually been calling for the police to be “defunded” (i.e., abolished), thereby plunging the nation into absolute anarchy. This is what makes it so alarming that liberals can compel police officers across the country to genuflect before a wicked god that hates them.

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