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Jul 25 2017

Georgetown Professor of Color Shouts That All White People Are Racist — And Goes Farther

Georgetown University isn’t cheap. It is regarded as a highly prestigious school. Yet they have Preston Mitchum teaching there as a law professor:

Preston has at least one impressive academic credential, other than his politically preferred pigmentation. No normal person could achieve the mind-bending hypocrisy of accusing all members of a race they don’t like of being racist. For Preston, that is only a starting point.

Hat tip: Campus Reform.

13 Responses to “Georgetown Professor of Color Shouts That All White People Are Racist — And Goes Farther”

  1. Dan Northrup says:

    Sounds like Preston needs to stay in his own lane and not pretend he knows what it’s like to be a white person in the current year.

  2. RKae says:


    If that’s true, then what are “all black people”? Can he answer that one?

    Because I actually have an answer… and it’s not nice.

  3. JackisBack says:

    ALL gay negroes named Preston are racist

  4. Gex says:

    YES…liberalism is a mental illness.
    there ya go preston…..fixed it for you

  5. KHarn says:

    Is it time we started to live up to their accusations? I have a rope.

  6. FromNJ says:

    Ah yes, the “bullshit” loophole Moonbats like Mitchum uses to excuse everyone else:
    Only the LARGER group can be sexist, racist, etc.
    White people are the larger group, so they have all the racists!
    SMALLER groups have no power, so they are not sexist, racist, etc, and can’t do bad things.

  7. MAS says:

    Wow that’s an incredibly wide brush Preston! All black men are dope using gangsters then…just borrowing your paint brush.

  8. Then according to his cartoonish hypocrisy we shouldn’t bother trying to change. He says it is impossible. Therefore we should ignore him.

  9. cieran58 says:

    Yes, “professor” Mitchum, And ALL Black people are feral, drug dealing, violent criminals, and ALL feminists are man hating bull-dyke lesbians, and ALL homosexual men are boy raping pedophilic cross dressers, and ALL trannies are mentally ill whack jobs-(wait, that last one just may be true..) See what I did there? Over generalization, prejudice, ..and you a “professor” at Georgetown. Tsk.

  10. KHarn says:

    Ahh… that was music to my ears.

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  12. […] on college campuses, heterosexual white males might find themselves banned on the grounds that Preston Mitchum types find them […]

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